CM-BKK-Koh Chiang-CM

Jan 12, 2003
CM-BKK-Koh Chiang-CM
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I rode this rather large loop (?) a few years back on an AX1 (7yrs ago-and again on a VFR 3yrs ago) and am about to do it again - xmas on the beach //CM 20Dec// BKK 21-22-23?//Koh Chiang 24 untill 30.1.03?//CM 1-2.1.03?// I'm not sure which bike is going to take the thrashing yet- the VFR400 or KLX250. The KLX would be the best once on Koh.C but the VFR would make it a lot more fun getting down there. Anyway most of the time I ride alone due to enjoying the freedom etc as for a pillion - I haven't met the right women yet or one mad enough - to get on the back. I can't say I blame them as I hate getting on the back of anybody. I have even paid extra to the BKK taxi bike lads so I could do the ridding. Anyway after chatting with one of CM's superstars & p/t male models David-U(Mr Loopy himself) I thought I'd put this post on his site ----if you have your own bike and wish to join me you are most welcome. But NO honda dreams or people who ride big bikes as if they are on a honda dream - A little bit fast and furious getting there then chilling once on the island, with maybe a bit of off roading. If I can be arsed to carry/post the nobbles down there then a bit more serious off roading.
So beach anyone?