CM -MAe Hong Song--via Wat Chan

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    this is a great ride--for offroaders.

    arrived in CM on dec 27--rented a KLR on the 28th and headed straight for Kafe and by chance met Franz and Rex there. Rex recommecneded the CM MHS ride so i bought a map and was off early the next morning.

    WOW--hadnt been on a dirt bike in like 12 years-and this ride tested my endurance to the limit.--not to mention im 50 years old--- and my ass was killing me--the seat on that bike is too hard

    lots of meo villages on the way--plenty of gas available--up and down about 20 mountains

    my arms and legs were so sore afterwords but it was worth every kilo--the map was almost perfect and the offraod sections were awesome.

    took me a total of 7 hours to get to MHS

    thanks rex for the rec!!!

    next tijme ill plan better and check out some pai trails
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  3. Marco

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    I think this should be in Northen part of Thailand,, but im sure David will re-locate this.

    Nice report and maybe next time you get some pictures to make it more Colorful :wink:
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    Is there any place to spend the night in Wat Chan if you want to break up the trip? I don't mind roughing it.

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