CM quicky / Mon Cham / scenery + pancake w. strawberries. real wiped cream

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    I have been looking and looking to find a........... well the English translation sounds awkward, excursion cafe.
    I my world this is a non-posh place where you can have just a good cup of coffee and some eatable cake enjoying the tranquility of a serene countryside.

    And yesterday we struck gold= Mon Cham Camping Resort. The fantastic view augmented by a Roti kind of pancake puff pastry with fresh strawberry and real honest wiped cream what an indulgence for the senses.

    The tents tend to be on the luxury side with their own little private compound, private bath rooms, hot water and electricity.

    It's part of the Royal Development Project.

    Easy to find=

    HW 107 to 1095 direction Samoeng, pass the XCenter keep going some 15 km or so.
    Pass the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, shortly after that road to the left, a sign saying something like
    5km to Mon Cham, watch out for the sign MonCahm Resort not to miss the turn off.


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