1. Hi all, I agree with David, this thread is off course. Much like the one last year on HU when a yank got his bike trashed in Poland because of him having a US flag displayed (he didn't say how big it was) he just asked the innocent question "has anyone elses bike been trashed because of their nationality?" over 5 pages where finally filled with the initial enquiry getting totally lost.
    Just for the record I thoroughly enjoyed the 2005 CMBW, the entertainment was great and the people friendly.
    And here I was on old Doris, my BMW Dakar, which incidently I rode back to Australia after the CMBW via Indonesia and East Timor.

    "I used to spend all of my money on fast cars, women and booze, now I just squander it." George Best 1946-2005 RIP
  2. Hi Tom

    I think that you are a year or so off - you certainly weren't here in December 2005.

    But regarding the topic , the title includes the phrase "Do they ride or just pose?" And one of the biggest posers has chosen to call everyone else "soi dogs" and worse, even though she has never met them. You yourself are probably included in that group.

    Hopefully, she has wised up, and will stop the bullshit. But if she choses to continue along the same lines, the only recourse is to list the truth, and let the readers decide who has credibility.

    It is true that these insult posts are not specific to CMBW. But the way to fix the problem is to delete those posts and block the sender. And it is up to the board moderator to take those actions. If he choses to allow the posts in the first place, he must allow the responses.


    "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right."
  3. Hi Bob,
    You are right it was 2004,
    Shit I didn't even know you were getting insulted by a bird!
    Mate, lookout she must be a big mother, some of the words she used I had to use a bloody dictionary, (don't forget I'm a dumb Aussy)
    also I am probably put in the same basket as you, as I have had the good fortune to ride on some great adventures with the boys in Chiang Mai.
    See you in July.

    "I used to spend all of my money on fast cars, women and booze, now I just squander it." George Best 1946-2005 RIP

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