CMDR, Small Ride East of ChiangMai.

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    Sometimes you just want to get out for a little ride, well I do. I have done this small loop often so it is about time I shared it.
    Take a ride down the 1317 and basically just continue through the great countryside until it becomes the 3005. En-route thee are a number of places you can call into and enjoy if you want to make take time looking around.
    After the 3005 you hit the junction with the 118 ChiangMai-ChiangRai highway so it is just a quick blast back towards the city. The route is in blue on the Google map below.

    If you want to do a longer ride you can combine the East loop with the Samoeng loop (in red on the Google map). I find the X Centre a great place to stop for refreshments along the way. But back to the East loop and here are some of the things you will see or can call into along the way.

    The Alpine Golf is just off the 1317

    Caving anyone?

    Hot springs, good to relax, bath your feet or the whole body

    Continue and you pass the Highland Golf

    Flight of the Gibbon, canopy action

    The road towards the Jungle Flight is worth a look... all the way to the waterfall?


    The scenery and villages are very pretty and I often use this route back when southbound on the 118 just for a change.
    Here (hopefully!) is a video of a very slow ride around it.
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    hi 2wheels, yes I agree quite a place.
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    Happy New Year Colin, are you in the UK or here?
    I am letting the mad week go by then looking to pop out again. I want to do ChiangMai to Mae Hong Son via Pai and back and i would also like to go to Kanchanaburi. Your website is brill and a source of information.

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