CNX-X-Crew explores the jungle

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  1. What a great day. 11 am meeting at the gas station just before the entrance of the Night Safari. Fill up the bikes, water and oil check and off we go direction Doi Kaamm. We try some new tracks but everything seems to be dead-end or not passable.

    So one more time the boring Doi Kaamm-Samoeng shortcut. After that we head straight towards the Obkahn Area, there’s so much more to explore, so we keep coming back.

    We take a familiar track that carries us thru many rivers and and small mountains until we reach a big hill-climb section. The beauty,when riding without GPS is, if there’s not track – you just make one yourself. We’re lucky and always find a connection. D’ seems to be in good spirits today and masters most of the heavy staff himself. Remarkable – as he only started off-road riding a couple of month ago.




    The heat of the city has vanished and the cool breeze in the jungle is a welcome gesture from Mother Nature. The surface is very dry today and we don’t have to deal with slippery passages today. Perfect grip – makes it a lot easier today for all of us.




    After a good 2 hours ride we finally arrive at a village, where we meet some Thai Motocross guys. From there on we enter new terrain and we enjoyed every second of it.

    A small footpath along the mountain carries us along a creek. Green rice paddies to the left of us. Totally unreal the whole scenario. If I was to create a vdo game I would take this scenery as background.



    Then we reach another steep passage. But no problems here yet. Maybe half kilometer up the mountain we encounter our first problems, it’s getting steeper and steeper and the track is almost invisible. George takes over D’s bike and rides it up as so many time before.

    Then we reach a fence- like gate. We open the gate and explore further more around this area. Great – absolutely great!



    The we met a hunter and ask him for the track. But he seems to be not very cooperative and just says. “This way leads nowhere”. Somehow we didn’t believe him and just continued riding for another half an hour. George got trapped with his bike on a small foot path just 100 meters away from us.

    It took a lot of effort to turn around the bikes as there was no space for turning around. We had no choice then turn around. After that, we decided to go back to CNX, because it was late already. This area deserves some more exploring and we shall be back shortly to find more tracks in this area.
  2. Here's the vdo for the today trip, hope you enjoy

  3. Saxonator
    Love the facial expression here



    The Farkarwee tribe?

    Thanks for contributing another of your beautiful Sunday rides. It beats mowing the lawn / washing the car / reading the papers doesn't it?
  4. Hey David,

    thanks for the reply. I'm happy, that you guys love it. It was a great ride.
    George is leaving next week. So no more crazy offroad for a while - I guess.

    Cheers Saxonator
  5. Nice report, looks like you guys had a real fun day out. Nice vid also

  6. Thanks man and greetings to Rayong


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