Coast2coast...and Schina Sea To Andaman Sea.

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    I am heading east to Kuantan and then hugging the coastal road to the last stretch of tarmac in Penarik, before going a bit inland (to repay RM0.80sen I owed a watermelon seller) and then back to the coastal road until Kota Bharu...then after attending to a personal task, I intend to head up to Hatyai and thereafter to Sichon and Chumphon. From there, i will cut across to Rayong , Khao lak, Krabi and Hatyai again...
    U are welcome to join me ...PM me for dates.
    Yes, i have done this loop a number of times already :)

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  2. Any trip report for this ride bro? Mind to share with us here

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