Coming back to C.M.

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  1. This message is for David.
    Will be returning on or about the 5th of March!!!
    Two weeks this time and want to ride out west -MaiHongSon loop.
    Thought I'd let you know. Do you need anything from the States?

    You can't buy any Mahler cd's because I have them all.
  2. Stan
    Great to know that you are coming back fro some more riding mate.
    I'm still in the Plain of Jars, North Laos, & cant think of anything right now.
    Looking forward to some nice food once I get back into Thai.
    I should be back in Cnx end of the 1st week of March, at a guess.

    Keep the power on
  3. Hi Stan

    What flights are you on? I fly out of the US on the 3rd - Northwest, Pittsburgh-Detroit-Tokyo-Bangkok - arrive BKK on the 4th.

  4. Hi Bob - I'm on UA853 SFO-TYO then UA875 TYO-BKK Departs SF the 3rd arrives Bkk at 12midnight the 4th [dateline cross]
    I'm in BKK for 4 or 5 days then fly up to CM and will stay at Top North G/House. You know I think that NW flight gets into BKK the same time as my UA's a 35km ride into central BKK..wanna share a cab?

    You can't buy any Mahler cd's because I have them all.
  5. Hi Stan - I will be on Northwest Flight 01, arriving at 11:59 on the 4th. Sounds like a backup at immigration with two jumbo jets coming in at the same time.

    Drop me a line, and we can figure out how to hook up.


    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    412 682 7630
  6. If u wanna save money walk upstairs - then once in Departures jump into a cab - downtown for 100bht or less. If you wanna go local then cross the road outside and catch the train downtown for 20bht or the No.3 Bus 3.5bht, if your feeling rich theres the chopper at 4000bht but this drops you of on the wrong side of the river. I once left my VFR400 behind the train stn for 6mths - when I returned it started up and got me to the Thermae in under 15min - I'm not joking 6mths in Saudi makes you throttle it! [:p]
    Chiang Mai
  7. Bob...Our flights cross at Tokyo...wanna have a beer there?
    We have the same ground time, which isn't a lot but enough for a beer or something. TYO has internet terminals too for a 100yen coin which you can get at the cashiers booth in the transit hall. The transit hall is very crowded as there are always what seems like a hundred 747's on the ground at any one time. We can meet at the others' gate number so maybe we should decide who goes to who's gate huh?
  8. Hi Jake and thanks, that's good info about the upstairs thing. I should have known that given my exprerience. Do yo live in CM?
    I worked in Kuwait for 18 months before the invasion I know what you mean! Where were you in S.A., Jeddah?
  9. Hi Jake

    I am usually carrying to much stuff to haul it upstairs (I am the "importer" for a lot of friends in BKK and CM). I just pay the extra 50 baht and get a cab downstairs at arrival.

  10. Hi Stan

    Tokyo would be tough. The Northwest gates are all in a circular terminal at the end or the airport (42-48). You get off one, go down and back in thru security, and get on the next.

    I don't know much else about Narita Airport. Connected there lots of times, but only stayed one night when a mechanical problem in Minneapolis made me miss a connection to BKK. Stayed overnight, and came down the next day on ANA.

    I will drop you a line about hooking up in BKK.

  11. Bob: OK I was thinking all carriers operated from the same big transit hub. It is quite a zoo there. I travel light and still bring too much but thankfully I'm not importing anything this time and it's all I can do to NOT export from Thailand. I love bronze Buddah figures.
  12. Stan, Jake, Bob,

    I can't tell you how good it is to see the three guys I've been chatting with getting along together so nicely. I hope that the 4 of us can meet up for a beer and a ride in CM- Bier Stube on Moon Muang Rd? So far it sounds like I might be a day or two ahead of Stan and Bob. Could someone conjure up the elusive and illustrious David to join us?

    Jake- I just sent an email with some info on the carb you wanted me to bring you- I need to hear back from you right away to make it happen.

    Cheers all, see you soon,
  13. There is a lift as you go towards the Htl bridge and unlike other airports the trollies are free. But in your case why not use the airport service of bag delivery straight to your hse/htl - costs little or free if you have a Thai Airways Staff Card - borrow mine for a fee. Saves a lot of huffing and puffing in the long run. By going upstairs you often get a cab driver who's on the bounce (returning downtown- no meter) so it's a lot less than half the normal price- esp. after MIDNIGHT when it becomes a hell of a lot cheaper. When I worked for Thai Airways most of us couldn't be bothered waiting for the free works bus so we would all go upstairs.
    I was in the middle of the Gulf -floating on an Oil platform,
    Al Jubail/Kobar being my nearest port for those crazy Saudi parties. I've been based in CM province on/off for 15 plus years.
  14. Hi Pam

    So far, we get along - but have never met up in person. But putting us all together with motorcycles and beer should boost the testosterone levels.

    When do you get into Bangkok?

  15. Hi Jake

    After 30 hours of travel, I just take the easiest and quickest. Since the meter fare is about 150b, airport fee is 50b, and tolls are 70b - we are only talking $6 US for the full fare ride. Saving $3 after I spent the airfare is not a high priority.

    Thanks for the offer of your card - but I am sure that the beers for your fee would be a lot higher than $3. [:D] Besides that, I would have a hard time mentally giving up my luggage to a delivery service. I try to keep my stuff in sight as much as possible. Might be paranoia, but so far, so good.

    See you in Chiang Mai.

  16. Hey Jake-
    So you don't work for TG anymore? I was a sales manager for MAS out of KL for a few years but they gave me the US as my [home]territory market. And in spite of Bob's testostrone levels I think we should all meet somewhere
    on Moon Muang, the "Rat" place or whatever, locals get to choose. So you're an x-pat? Thought you were a Local w/a Western nick-name.
    You had a bad assignment in the Gulf, sorry. Mine was at least on dry [very!] land. We could only get drinks at the Kuwait Hilton, and perish the thought of bringing in an Arab friend.

    You can't buy any Mahler cd's because I have them all.
  17. Bob: I get into BKK Mar 1, leaving Mar 3 for Ayuthaya and Lopburi, maybe Sukothai on my way to CM. Should be in CM Mar 5 or 6.

    3 more sleeps until I leave for my trip- well, only 2 if you figure that I probably won't be sleeping the night before I go- my friends are throwing me a bon voyage party at a local bar on mechanical bull riding night. Fun stuff! Talk about beer and testosterone-fuelled mayhem - try throwing some estrogen into the mix and watch out...


  18. Bob: Thanks for the phone call and I've booked myself an E-ticket over the web on your flight TG112 same day but I'm riding economy - maybe the'll give me an upgrade at the airport...yea sure. Or maybe I'll buy one once I get there.
  19. Bob: Any info re the car trip bkk-cnx?
    I've kept my TG air space as a back up in case it's a no-go
    or if the room in the car is not there. Can ck w/you once in bkk however
    You gave me your phone nbr in BKk but I can't seem to find it now.
    Post it to me via email or on the msg board here, ok?
  20. It would be good to meet up but I have to work heaps - monday-friday, seriously hard graft and sleep comes in chunks at the weekends. I was pulling your trollies regarding the airport get away, then for the first time in ages i was reading yesterdays BKK post Trinks pg someone wrote a warning about taking taxis from the departure floor. Funny old world be aware out there and travel with care.
  21. Hey Jake:
    Well I'll be at Top North G/House from the 7th or 8th and looking to rent a bike. First stop is Jaguar on Moon Muang. Will be eating bkfst at Bier Stube most mornings. Me: 5'10" 155lbs, dk blond, 49 yrs. bit of a 'stash on upper lip. Looking for something 400cc or higher.
  22. Bob:
    A business associate is flying into BKK from NYC on Friday and I'll need to delay my trip north until Saturday March 8th. Will fly up on TG112 on that day. Thanks for your interest in providing a ride up north but looks like I gotta do a little business now in BKK...Now I can write-off the BKK trip!

    See you in CM over that w/e. If you're already hitting the road, leave a msg here, ok.
  23. Hey guys, just starting to wind up my survey activities over here in Laos. Starting to head "home". Leaving Luang Prabang today for Vang Vieng & the rifle range section. I expect to be back in Chiang Mai in 5-7 days at a guess (that's as close an esitimate as I am prepared to make), but as long as the money holds out will keep riding & surveying.......I hope you've kept my seat warm for me in Chiang Mai.
    Did an amazing 350 kms LOOP out of Luang Prabang yesterday, that will keep me happy for a while...A full report coming later on when I slow down a bit & get some free time..
    See ya all soon. Pamela I hope you are still in town when I get back.)

    Keep the power on
  24. Hey David:
    Good to hear. Sounds like you're having a good time of it and I HOPE you do get back to CM!
    I'm at Top North G/House in on Sat the 8th. I'm writing this from BKK where there is one of the loveliest girls in the world right beside me so I hope I make it up north!!
    See you sometime after the 8th...I WILL get up there.
  25. Hey Pam:
    Got your email and replied but will give you this posting in case you get on the site here.
    Arrive CM on Sat 8th Mar about 5pm and will go to Top North G/House. Will not rent bike for a few days so will be hanging 'round town.
    See you there somewhere,sometime. Am in BKK now.

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