Coming to Cambodia for a ride? Need help?


Oct 1, 2009
For any that are planning to come to Cambodia for a ride, but do not have a bike, I can put you on to the best bike rental places in town, there are many, expat and local, a few locals are good, with the rest, you are taking your life in your own hands.

I can also help to arrange a 24/7 support, if you have a breakdown, accident, hit an animal or any other situation where you need to deal with locals, but cant speak Khmere. You will get a number to call, and he will mediate for you with the locals, arrange pick up and replacement of your hire bike if damaged. I can arrange a local sim and phone for you to use while here, should the need arise.

For a large or small tour, short or long, I can advise you on who to contact.

If you fly in, and I am not working, I will even meet you at the airport.

The first time here can be intimidating, having somone at your side that lives locally is a big advantage, you wont get scammed for a start.

I can help you find a bike that is reliable, help with route planning, advice on road conditions as well as I have mates all over the country, info is a phone call away!

I can call you daily to check your progress, or you may call me if you get stuck for a solution.