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  1. When traveling in Laos I would like to stay in contact with the home-front in Thailand. In Thailand I use my post-paid Dtac with an Iphone.

    Can you buy an pre-paid sim-card for an Iphone in Laos?
    Is there 3G/Edge in Laos?

    Chang Noi
  2. You can get a prepaid card pretty much any where.. even a little shack in the middle of no where. Just look for ETL sign.
    ETL seems to be the best.. Rex told me to avoid another company that is owned by Russians as the service was pretty poor.

    The data is cheap.. The SIM stays active for a long period.. Just need to top up the credits.

    Unless in Vientiane or a couple of other places you will be on Edge. The speed is great.. A lot of places have WIFI these days too.
    If not ADSL.. IPstar.

    Only a few spots on Route 18 we couldn't get signal.

    The first couple of times I went to Lao.. I took one of the work Sat Phones with me.. Really didn't need it as the coverage was so good..
    Better than when I was in Switzerland.. Another mountainous country ...

    One problem you will hit. The Iphone uses a Micro SIM.. I didn't see Micro SIMs for sale
    So took out my DTAC SIM and held it against the ETL SIM and carfully cut around the ETL SIM making sure not to cut the metal bits.
    The girl at recpetion looked shocked.. but then smiled when it worked. (The older Iphones use the normal SIM)

    Alternatively.. One of my staff showed me his new 9000 baht Sony Phone running Android.. Water and dust proof..
    Seriously considering this as a primary off road / bike touring phone and keeping the expensive Iphone locked away in a water proof bag..
    Lost one Iphone to Laos already.. don't want to do another one :)

  3. Confirming Brian's post - ETL is the biggest and best in Lao.
  4. Thanks!
    So as soon as I enter Laos I will get me an ETL sim-card and something to cut it

    Chang Noi
  5. You need a strong pair of scissors.
    Cut hard and straight / fast or it will just bend and slip between the scissor blades and may damage the SIM card when rubbing against the scissor blades.

    Be very careful with the metal bit on the card.. This is where all the important information is held that will get you on the network.
    Even if you cut it a bit small.. Just line up the SIM card with the phone electrical contacts.

    Suggest you do the cut and tuck before you put any credits on the card in case you make a mistake..
    I didn't think of that when I did mine :) but it worked with out any problem.


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