Continental TKC 80 in Chiang Mai?

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  1. Hey All,

    Just curious who in Chiang Mai might carry or can otherwise acquire TKC-80's. Many thanks for your input!
  2. I'd be interested to know if anyone is currently selling them in Thailand! All leads come to an unsuccessful dead end...
  3. Hmm. Other 50/50 dual sport tires available in Chiang mai? Heidenau K60's? Pirelli Scoprion MT'S might be a last option, but I'm doubtful how they handle mud.
  4. If you're in Chiang Mai the guys to ask would be the shops direct.
    Either go see Nat at Piston Shop, or go to Cockpit near the airport & ask them direct what they can get for you from Bangkok; as it varies from time to time what is in stock in the capital. Anything available in Bangkok is only an over night truck trip away.
  5. I made contact with Nat - thank God, an English speaking Guy who seems to have authoritative knowedge. Im gonna have his crew do a bunch of the maintenance checks and replacements.

    Nat carries Michelin and pirelli. Karoo 3 looks serviceabe, but they don't make a front in my size. Not wild about the pirellisame tread pattern.

    Pekky's pro sport was rumored to carry contis, and even have a display set in a road tire, but after a 10 min wait they said they are only a pirelli dealer now. I emailed big bendum, no response, will try and call.
  6. If you're still not sorted I'd really recommend a visit to Cockpit. I get my tyres there & a lot of other guys do. They are a professional tyre shop with wheel balancing for motorcycles. Check em out.
  7. Check your bike after you have had your tyres fitted at rear wheel wasn't aligned properly and had 27psi air in the tyres!

  8. Thanks David. Is the cockpit you recommend on mahidol/1141 maybe 1km or so south of the moat, east of the central shopping center?

    I called the gent in bkk and he has no tkcs in stock, but at least has a t63 front.
  9. Thanks, found it, set of karoo 3's inbound. The funny part was that i was at the cockpit on mahidol, asked if any other CockPits sold motorcycle tires, and was told no :)

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