Convert off-road tyre size to on-road tyre size?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by skybluestu, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Is there a way to convert an off-road tyre size to an on-road tyre size? What size would 3.00-21 51P and 4.60-18 63P be if they were on-road tyres ie 110/70-17

  2. Thanks, I thought the KLX250 has a 21inch front and 18inch rear though so how could 17inch tyres fit?
  3. Bit of an Odd Question like asking how to Fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole :crazy: There is No possibility of any 17 Inch Rim or Tyre matching a 21 inch? You can get a Road based Tyre for the 18 & 21 inch Rim but can't match 17 inch to those Diameters? Good Luck.
  4. I know that a 17inch tyre won't fit onto an 18 or 21inch rim, I'm thick but not that thick! I used the 110/70-17 as an example, I would like to know what the 3.00 and 4.60 mean. If I wanted road tyres to go on a klx what sizes would I need to look for?
  5. Thank you Auke but I know it's the size already. What I would like to know is if I wanted to put road tyres on a KLX250 what size tyre should I be looking for. Road tyres are not sized the same as off-road ie 3.00 & 4.60, they are sized 110/70, 120/60, 140/70 etc etc
  6. Would it not be better that you be a bit more specific in what you want you know? What byke are we talking about, what do you want to do - only on-road or a mixture of of on/off road and so on so that you will get an answer which will help you.

    You can also have a look at ... e-data.htm where you probably will find what the difference is between the metric and inch sizes of tyres.
  7. The bike, as mentioned above, is a KLX250 and I just want to know how to find out what size road tyre would fit ie 110/70, 120/60, 130/70, 150/60 etc etc
    I know they are 21inch and 18inch already.
  8. Just Go to the Kawasaki Shop and get a Set of D-Tracker Wheels? Or look for some second hand ones? Same Bikes just different Suspension set up and Wheels, I have a D-Tracker in Dirt Trim You are just doing it the other way around. The KLX has softer and slightly longer Travel Suspension. Wasn't Suggesting You were Thick and apologise if that's what it seemed. May have misunderstood Your question? All the Best.
  9. I'll try to answer it the way I understand it. The difference types of size ratings are not necessarily because one is for offroad and one is for street. It's just that one measurement is being given in inches and the other is being given in metric. The link Auke supplied (and there are many others if you search) is simply giving the conversion between metric and what they are calling "Alpha", whatever that is. I call it inches.

    So your 3:00/21 is the same as a 90/90x21. Your 4.60x18 is equivalent to a 120/90x18. If you get a smaller size tire it will screw up your handling (for one). If you get a larger tire, it may have clearance problems or be too wide for your rim. Now, different tire manufacturers are going to offers different style tread patterns in those sizes for various uses. You now need to do some searching on the internet, or go to the shops, and see what suits what you are looking for. You will unlikely find a pure street tire for a 21 inch rim. You can find some good 50/50 tires or something similar.

    Here's an example for Metzeler Tires. I use the Sahara 3 on my bike which gets more street use than offroad.

    Look at the various tires, see what type of use they are recommending and then see if they are available in your size. if it is listed in inches or metric it makes no difference as long as they are the equivalent size ( I listed above). Then, check other manufacturers and see what you find. Once you find the tire you want, the hard part begins; finding a source in Thailand.

    Hope this answers what you were asking. Good Luck :thumbup:
  10. Silverhawk, thank you, that is exactly the answer I was after. I'm thinking I didn't explain my question too well but we got there in the end. Ian, I know you didn't say I was thick and wasn't implying you did, I just pointed out that I am (when it comes to bikes anyway). A set of D-Tracker wheels was quoted at 20,000baht whereas new tyres would be at least half that.

    I tried searching myself before I posted this question but couldn't find the answer I was looking for so thank you to everyone that answered.
  11. Thanks Slash, to be honest; I never really looked for a 21 inch street tire. :think:

    Skyblustu; I'm glad it helped. Good Luck. :clap:
  12. Approx sizes in metric in 18 and 21 for the klx250 is 90/90/21 and 110/100/18
  13. I'm from Indonesia.
    I ride KLX150S. For weekend i use offroad tyres (19-16 inch) for some offroad riding, and using onroad tyres (17-17 inch) for daily weekdays... :D

  14. Anyway... if you don't wanna change the rims, you can try to use DUAL PURPOSE tyres.
    Yesterday i saw DUnlup dual purpose tyres sold in a shop at Saphan Kwai. But sorry i forget the size precisely.


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