converting CRF250 Motard to dirt bike

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    Have recently bought a CRF250ME (Motard).
    Thinking a set of dirt tyres / wheels sitting in shed ready to bolt on gives flexibility to do some serious off-road rides on occasions.
    Differences so far noted -

    Front end -
    Motard are 310mm dia and dirt approx 260mm. The bigger diameter disc uses a different caliper.
    Thinking to buy dirt wheel and fit motard disc to it and should be a straight bolt-off bolt-on deal.
    Thoughts, brains trust, appreciated.

    Rear end -
    Apart from a spring pad part number difference which I cannot find different on bike - rear caliper and disc are same for both models.
    Sprocket - The motard has 39 teeth and dirt wheel 40 teeth.
    Q -
    If I fit the dirt sprocket (40 teeth) on the rim will the chain still fit, OR, is it easier to put a 39 tooth rear (Motard) on the dirt rim and have a dirt set-up 2.6% taller?

    Sidestand - Am aware the bike would lean over more when on stand so thinking a removable pad for when in dirt mode.

    Will be visiting CM for 2014 SE Asia Horizons Unlimited meeting - Friday 10th January, 2014 arriving a few days earlier and staying a week or 3.
    Am also on the hunt for luggage options - throw over bags and/or top box and general bling availability.

    All comments appreciated.

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