Copy owner manual for Honda xr 250 1995

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gobs, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Hi all, (one more time!)

    I'm looking for a (good) copy of the owner manual for a Honda XR 250 1995...
    I'm settled in Chiang May...

    Someone can help me about this?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. I've got an electronic copy of an XR400 manual and they share a lot of common parts so maybe at least partially useful for you. I'm visiting the UK at the moment but will be back in the shop on monday 23rd June. Pop in with a memory stick if you want a copy - Tony's Big Bikes, Ratchmanka Rd.


  3. Thanks guys!

    Nothing about owners manual on the link, Silverhawk. But may pen ray, it's an interesting site though...

    OK Pikey, nice from you. But it's like a "game" for me to find the "true" copy (or second hand) manual for my "old new-bikes"... It's like part of the owning...

  4. Hi Friends,

    For those who need I have several manuals in English for Ducatis (Monster S2, S4, Hyper...), Suzuki (DRZ) and few others.

    E-copies of course.
  5. Guess I didn't read your post carefully. Most guys have been asking for service manuals. I wasn't thinking "owners". Now I understand what you are looking for.
  6. Hi guys,

    May pen ray, Silverhawk, the link was interested...

    Azoulay, do you know if the Honda XR 250 Baja was (or is...) imported in France? On some sites, I find very little about this bike... One or two for sale only (and at what prices!), and nothing more when googling.
    In case you have some tip...


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