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  1. ajmatt

    ajmatt Active Member

    where can you get a good lid in thailand?

    Im going to Chiang Mai at the end of the month to buy a bike and I want a new lid at the same time!!

    Any advice?

    A.J Matt [8D]
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  3. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    After reading the the article below, I _didn't_ want a Snell approved helmet, but one that met the European standards.

    I bought an HJC helmet, (model FG-14) at Paddock, in BKK. HJC is the top helmet mfgr in the States and those helmets are all Snell approved, but they also have a factory in Korea which makes helmets to the European standard. Paddock stocks HJC helmets from Korea. ... et_review/
  4. mikethevigo

    mikethevigo Ol'Timer

  5. ajmatt

    ajmatt Active Member

    thanks for the links!
  6. GypsyRider

    GypsyRider Ol'Timer


    Wonder why you're thanking MiketheVigo for providing you with a link to a Taiwanese electronic components manufacturer (!?! Mike was either pulling your leg or he was very drunk/high/spaced out, etc... at the time of writing his post! ;-)

    As far as I know, the only foreign (quality) helmet manufacturer in Thailand is the French brand 'Shark', which is one of the high-end helmet manufacturers in Europe. Shark helmets are rated very highly in comparative tests by European bike magazines, but they are very pricey too.

    Since Shark helmets are manufactured in Thailand, buying a Shark here makes sense if you're looking for a quality lid, as they are much cheaper here than in the rest of the world. Sa Moto in CNX sells Shark helmets.

    As for HJC helmets, they offer great value helmets (I've got HJC system helmet, very happy with it). HJC is relatively cheap compared to western or Japanese brands. HJC is a Korean helmet manufacturer and this company has no manufacturing operations in Thailand (

    BTW, if you or someone else is looking to buy a high-quality lid for their thai gf/wife/bf/etc., I've got a brand-new ECE-approved 'Arai' full-face helmet, model 'Maverick', size: XS (head size 53-54cm), color: titanium-gray. It has a tinted visor/face shield and it comes with a spare clear visor/face shield (bought it separately).

    I bought this model helmet for my wife because it came out tops for the ventilation criteria in published helmet comparisons both in European bike magazines and online sites, e.g. check out the 'Aerations' criterion in the comparative table (it's in French, but you'll see it scored top ranking with 3 'stars' for 'aerations') in a helmet survey on the following site:

    I considered getting my wife a helmet with the best possible ventilation system was an important comfort criterion for riding in the tropics. The Arai Maverick has got fully controllable ventilation ducts on both the helmet (mouth, top and rear vents) and on the visor/shield. Unfortunately enough, my wife never wore it because the helmet turned out to be too small when it got here. Expensive mistake!

    To have an idea what it looks like, look up the following link: ... verick.jpg

    I paid €560.85 for it (€499 for the helmet plus €61.85 for the spare visor/face shield), which is approx. Baht 24,698 or USD746 at the current exchange rate. Any acceptable offer will be considered. My loss is your gain!

    So if you care enough about your gf/spouse/bf/etc.'s safety and comfort, this helmet would certainly do the job, plus it looks great. Email me for pictures of the actual helmet. It comes with the original box, protective helmet bag, manual (with face shield changing instructions), stickers, etc.

    A.J., in case your wife changes her mind on keeping the CBR150, I would be interested in trading the helmet (plus cash) for your bike.
    I live in Chiang Mai (actually Hang Dong).
  7. tomdegerth

    tomdegerth Ol'Timer

    Does anyone know where i can get a HJC helmet in BKK?
  8. ajmatt

    ajmatt Active Member


    Thanks for the links....

    They don't go to an electronic company but as they say its the thought that counts...

    I dont understand how a helmet can be too small for your wife and fit me! no insult intended!

    My wife has the cbr already it gets sprayed pink and white during the first week of april!

    My guesses are i will just look in chiang mai for a helmet and if i dont find anything great keep my fingers crossed and hope i dont crash....

    Thanks again
  9. ajmatt

    ajmatt Active Member

    hjc are nice I want one!
  10. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    take a look at
    Link removed
    for a list of cnx bike shops
    and Getting Mc Gear ... Terms=kafe
    and Shark Helmets ... Terms=kafe

    For myself I got an Arai from Fast Cornerr.
  11. ajmatt

    ajmatt Active Member

    the links are great, got address for the shops as well, which is great for when i make my journey to chiang mai to spend my hard earned bahts...

    Thanks again...
  12. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    They sell HJC at The Paddock Shop in BKK.
  13. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    I bring my helmets , Davida, Roof, Arai from YUK or USA as i dont trust the thai ones or their prices.

  14. Chino

    Chino Ol'Timer

    Just bought HJC AC 3 helmet at Paddocks BKK. Good value for 5,000 bht.Buy another one 4 spouse. The price is a little higher than on the website, but they say that they have to pay tax.
    Wonder what the price should be then.
    Still cheap, considering the quality.
  15. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    Here in Australia I bought a HJC motorcross style helmet for 2,600 Baht... but I use my 600 Baht Index helmet most days, even though it is not Standards approved, and therefore illegal... I ride from home to the railway station, and would prefer to knock aroung a 600 Baht helmet on the train, and save the proper helmet for proper riding... [:D]

    All well and good until some silly cow knocks me off the bike and her insurance refuses to pay...

    I know a guy here who was knocked of his bike when a car tried to turn right through a stream of traffic 'cause she was late to pick the kids up from school... ripped the front strut out of her car, kept driving until he had been rolled under the car 3 times, then tried to reverse off him, with the driveshaft flailing him...

    He lost his kidneys, half his liver, broke his back, coma for 1 month, wheelchair for 6 months, still no bladder control at all and has to wear an adult diaper...

    Fortunately no head injuries at all...

    Her insurance company is trying to deny the claim in total because his helmet was more than 5 years old... Nice...


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