Crf250l 2017 Wheel Change

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    Bought the bike new last year. Immediately purchased Racer Boy 17's and made a Super Motard. Not a fan of spoke wheels, so when these came up for sale, with tires, from a CB500X, had to have them

    cb500x wheels.

    CMS Motorsport fabricated a new front caliper spacer from billet, and cut the new spacers to centre the wheel.
    The rear caliper bracket came with the wheels.
    Well pleased with the work at CMS. Highly recommended.
    And - to my eye - the bike looks much better.
    Now got to get used to riding it again, as the tires are much fatter - 120/70VR17 front and 160/60VR17 rear. Plus the front brake seems twice as powerful as the stocker.
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  2. I've done the same. Got my rims from a CBR and using MT 60, 150 on the rear.
    Had to make new spacers too, both ends.
    It's like having two bikes, and less than an hour to swap them around.
    The 'super long stroke' really came to life with the 17" on with a 14/41 sprockets.
  3. My knees will not take off road pounding any more, altho' I ride the dirt and gravel in the dry season.
    Guy coming this morning to buy both the stock wheels and tires and the black spoked wheels and tires on 17's
    Will put my cash outlay for the gold rims at about 5K
    Gotta love this country

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