Crossing Border Thailand/cambodia With A Bike Not Registered Under My Name

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  1. Hi Friends,

    I plane a trip to Cambodia with a bike not registered under my name, which documents would I need to cross Thailand/Cambodia border successfully.

    The Green Book registered owner is ready to help by signing the necessary papers.

    At present, i have:
    -my passeport
    -my Thai driving license
    -the Green Book of the bike under the name of the third person

    What else should I need ?

    Thanks in advance for your helpful answer. I have the same question for Thailand/Laos border crossing.

    Keep the Power On.

  2. Hi Friends,

    Again me, sorry to bother but I am preparing my trip to Cambodia still with this bike not registered under my name.
    Some of you told me I need a Power of Attorney signed by the owner & a signed copy of his/her ID card or passeport, together with the bike Green Book, my documents (passeport and Thai driving license)

    Thus, I went to the Transport & Land Department near where I leave (Cha am) and the Officer told me that I need a passeport for the bike as well, is it through where to get it when the bike is registered in Bangkok.

    If the production of such would be mandatory, should I show up the bike while demanding the document ?

    For the bike, as well, should I print the plate number on a black and white sticker with the translation on the Thai Bike ?

    Thanks in advance for your support.

    Keep the power on

    NB: please find here attached the famous Power of Attorney to

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  3. Sorry I can't help you re' the Documentation when you're not the registered owner.....good luck.

    Heard of the Vehicle Passport but never did it so interested in that.

    Also curious, do you have a plan for where to enter as I read there have been refusals at both Poipet and Cham Yeam recently, O'Smach OK.
    Also interested as to whether anyone has done it the correct way by applying for a Temporary Import Permit in Phnom Penh and how that works.
  4. Seems I'm talking to myself here, but I read on FB that someone went to PP and was told that motorbikes were exempt, having been told at the border that he couldn't go in without one.

    Are we supposed to give up?
  5. Never give up...
    If the Thail bike is in your name it makes life a lot easy to leave Thailand.
    That said one can leave Thailand on the bike (not in your name).
    But the paperwork involved will make you think again.?
    As to getting a Thail bike into Cambodia? well good luck on that one.
    Never done it so I cant advise you sorry.

    Someone talking to you now LOL

    Or try Facebook again.
  6. Also interested as to whether anyone has done it the correct way by applying for a Temporary Import Permit in Phnom Penh and how that works.

    Sorry just read this?

    Yes, that will work if you have a TIP, but you need to go to Phnom Penh in the first place.
    With that in Hand, no problems getting into Camboida on a bike? if the bike is in your name.
  7. LOL - No reports of problems leaving Thailand when the bike is in your name.

    Bit of a bummer to go through immigration only to find you can't take your bike in though.

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