Crossing Borders on someone else's bike......does it work ?

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  1. I plan to base myself in CM this winter and do multiple trips to Loas, Cambodia & Malaysia.

    Will be buying a CRF250 on arrival.

    I want to go on my first trip as soon as as soon as I have the necessary paper work.

    My problem is thus......I will have a tourist visa (for this trip) and no proof of address (though I do intend to buy a condo on this trip)

    So I cannot purchase in my name.

    I can however get my friend to buy it.

    So my main question is....does the thing of having permission from the owner (copies of Id, letter etc etc) actually work ? All the time ?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. All that is required for Cambodia, when you turn up at the border, is that the bike be currently legal in Thailand ie green book in your name OR have a power of attorney letter from the registered owner, and taxed. There is paperwork that needs taking care of at the border (TM 2 Information of Conveyance and TM 3 Passenger List) but the border guards will help you with this.
  3. Here is a link from 2012..

    The Northern Thailand guys can comment better.. But I know some of the guys have purchased a bike on a tourist visa.
    You need some letter of residency from the place you are staying..

    Will leave Rex or one of the others to fill the gaps in on that.

    Bangkok you can't buy on a tourist visa. But up north believe it is OK.

    If you can do the above, skip the hassle of registering the bike in someone else name and messing around at the border.
    All you need is some official that doesn't have a clue or having a bad day to give you grief.

  4. Best if you can get the bike in your name.
    The Honda dealer should be able to advise you, when they can do for you.
    You won't know until you speak to them & they try to register it in your name.
    Land transport in Chiang mai can be quite leniert sometimes.

    But basically you need to
    1. Confirm your identity = passport
    2. Confirm your address = embassy letter / lease or rental contract / immigration certificate.

    Take a look here
    for a rough outline on how it works.

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