crossing borders


Sep 29, 2003
i plan to spend six months in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and thought the best way to do it is to buy a motorcycle from BKK (around 750), drive up to Bali and back and then sell the bike. After reading this site I understood that it is impossible for me to buy a bike as there is no way I could get anything better than a tourist visa. I also learned that it is possible to buy a bike to somebody elses name who would then give me a written permission for crossing borders with the bike. This might work at the Malaysian border but what about Indonesian border?
I don't know anyone in Thailand, who would be willing to register the bike and then give me a permission for crossing borders?
I don't have IDP so I planned to get a local drivers permit which also works in Malaysia but again, what about Indonesia?
And could there be engine cc restrictions in Indonesia or Malaysia? And finally, is it possible to find a reliable heavy cruiser for around B 100 000?

please help



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Oct 1, 2003
You can buy and register in your name a bike on a tourist visa, we do this fairly regularly. All you need is a letter of residence from your embassy, copy of your passport and of course a bit of dosh. My shop website has details on bike purchase in Thailand. You should be able to get someting for 100 K but if you are looking at cruisers, they tend to be a bit more expensive than sport bikes because of more demand. A good shaft drive Magna 750 is obtainable for around 100,although you will pay a bit more for a exceptionally good one.