crossing cambodia & thai borders with bikes

Dec 7, 2006
I just bought a friends bike here in Vietnam, a 125cc suzuki & i want to make sure i can cross the border into cambodia (@the mekong delta, arriving in pnompenn via speedboat with bike onboard)

and that i can cross from cambodia into thailand. i am planning on selling the bike in thailand, hopefully bangkok in 2 months.

any problems with this? some older threads (2 plus years)say things like the bike has to return to country of origin (vietnam)

any advice on places to acquire riding info in p-pen will also be appreciated.


Dec 19, 2005
for as much as I know there aren't any temporary import-export papers between VN and CM. your best bet would be to ride via the dirt road alongside the mekong (look for our report of about a year old on this forum). Customs there are pretty relaxed.

As to riding info in Cambodia: go to a bookshop in PP and buy the 'Adventure Cambodia'. That book will provide you with more fantastic trips than you'll probably have time for.