Crossing from Cambodia to Hatien Special Economic zone Vietnam with big bike

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  1. Philippe

    Philippe Ol'Timer

    I left Kampot and 1 hour later I was at the Hatien VN border crossing. There is brand new road following the electric line coming from VN. Coming form White Horse, (Kep intersection) turns right about 15 Km .
    At VN border crossing NO NEED VISA IF you stay in Hatien Economic zone (which supposes to be an area around the town. No information provided).You get a stamp in your passport (like in Thailand) which allows you to stay 14 days and BIG BIKE can cross border. Nothing asked: no driver licence or motorbike registration bike!! Of course, if you go too far outside the zone you may be deported! As no visa, it will be impossible to sleep in hotel outside the Hatien EZ. Some travellers have been to Phu Koc island with this temporary pass. In one or two day you can visit most of interesting spot around Hatien. A fast ferry reach Phu Koc island in 1 hour and 10 min.
    My XR 250 has great success. All VN were looking it with great interest even the eldery!! pH
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  3. Philippe

    Philippe Ol'Timer

    In 2013, VN authorities have cancelled the entry in Hatien EZ without visa.
    Now a visa is needed and cost 60$ At VN embassy or consulate.
    Regarding crossing of bike over 175 cc, I am not sure there us any up date: is it still possible or not??

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