Crossing from Thai to Cambo in a borrowed truck

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    Around October, myself and a visiting mate will do a bit of a trip from CNX to Angkor and depending on school holidays, wif & nipper may or may not come with us.

    The truck is in my wife's name and I know for crossing into Laos, if the owner is not with the vehicle, a letter of permission from the owner of the vehicle, plus the green book & insurance is all you need. Can anyone tell me if this is the case at the Thai/Cambo borders?

    Our proposed crossing point would be either Arantaprathet/Poipet or Chong Sa Ngam/Anlong Veng depending whether or not we have to call in to Si Sa Ket to drop wife & nipper off first at her grans.

    Also, my truck is only 2WD but has A/T tyres with a decent amount of tread. Should I expect any trouble in late October if sticking to the main roads (which I believe are now asphalted anyway)?.

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