Crossing from Thailand to Cambodia & then Vietnam

Sep 19, 2005

We have Malaysians registered bikes of only 100CC (do to Vietnames restrictions and for ease for repairs/parts) and European and Int'l drivers licences. We know that crossing from Malaysia to Thailand is very easy with the registration papers and purchase of insurance at the border. However we intend to travel to Cambodia and then Vietnam.

Does anyone know which papers we need to fill in for Cambodia and Vietnam and how to get insurance for these two countries?

We read about the luggage form for Vietnam.




Oct 6, 2003
In Regards to paperwork needed to go into Cambodia on your motorcycle, the answer is NON. There is no entry paperwork for motorcycles. You just stamp in with your visa and go. I am not sure as to what is needed to enter Vietnam but there is some info on this web site. Good luck
Aug 7, 2003
Make sure you do get some paperwork when you get into Cambodia if you want to continue onto Vietnam. The Cambodians will let you thru without anything for the bike,on the Thai side you leave the Thai customs temporary import paper that you get when you came into Thailand.Even if the Cambodians don't want the paper when you leave, the Viets can be a pain and will always ask for a paper you don't have,and if you have nothing to show you came into Cam it could be a problem.Beware in Vietnam they confiscate the bike for speeding and/or traffic infringements,the limit for bikes is something like 40kms hour?? (Does someone know exactly)They are having a blitz right now.Like John said into and out of Cam you don't need any import/export paper or insurance. They do have an insurance for bikes (about USD$10 last time) but if they are checking for it ,they are practical and have a desk there where you can buy it, I have seen this once in 7 years of going there and only in PP. It is my understanding that Malaysia,Laos, and Vietnam have signed the ASEAN traffic agreement but not Thailand, so a Malaysian rego might be easier into Viet, Please let the forum know how you go.
Harri . XR650R.
Sep 19, 2005
Thanks for the information and warning.

We should reach Vietnam in 3 months or so. Will keep you posted.

Just hope we will not get another accident. My friend has 4 fractures including the clavicule and shoulder blade.
So we are going to a hot spring in the South of Thailand, this will help with his physio.

Jan 12, 2003
Sorry to hear about the accident. I hope your friend recovers ok.
It also sounds like you might have a bit of time to spare now, so any chance of contributing some trip report(s).