Crossing into Cambodia from Thailand with Thai-Financed Bike and No Green Book

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  1. In November 2011, I rode my Thailand registered Yamaha FJR from Bangkok to Singapore. My bike is financed in Thailand, so I do not have a green book. The finance company provides me only with a copy from the book which shows that I have the right to possess and ride the motorbike, but it is registered in the name of the finance company.

    I had no problem using that paper to depart Thailand and enter into Malaysia and subsequently into Singapore, without any hassles.

    Now I want to ride to Phnom Penh. Has anyone tried to cross into Cambodia from Thailand with only a copy of the green book as I have?
  2. It should be the same. You need permission from the owner (finance company) of the vehicle to take it out of the country.

    Take a look here
    for a bit more info.
  3. Yes, I've reviewed the GT-Rider border crossing posts. For riding into Malaysia and Singapore, I did not have any "express" permission--no separate letter or anything. Just a copy of my Thai green book which shows the registered owner as the Finance Company, but shows me as the legally entitled operator/possessor of the bike. Not signed or stamped or anything. It is the same thing we use to show to the Thai police if ever stopped.

    Do you know anyone who has ever tried to cross into Cambodia with only this?

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