Crossing into Laos on my Wife's Bike !?

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by Lakota, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. When I bought my KLX several years ago it was my intention to put it in my name. for some reason which I can't recall it was a problem for Kawasaki and the bike ended up in the wife's name.

    So the question is what do I need to get the papers to cross into Laos on my Wife's KLX ?

    A letter of permission from her if she's not having Hormonal Issues ? ...... or is it more complicated ? :-?
  2. Others more familiar with this than me, will leave it to them to answer..
    If now possible.. Change the bike in to your name now before the trip.
    Makes life easier :)

  3. Just a letter of permission, plus signed copies of her ID Card, & house rego should do the trick.
  4. I took a bike to Laos that was not registered in my name, earlier this year. What I had was the following;

    A form called ByMorpUmnart which you can get from a stationary shop. Your wife needs to complete this form as it is granting you permission to take her bike out of the country.
    You also need 20 Baht of Argon (Excise) stamps which you get from the Amphor's office.
    You will also need two copies of the Green Book main page and two copies of the Green Book tax page - one copy for the Police and one for Customs.
    You will also need two copies of your wife's Tabien Baan, one for the Police and one for Customs (the page with her name and address) so that the name in the Tabien Baan matches with the name in the Green Book.
    When you leave Thailand, give them the completed form together with the Argon stamps and the photo copies of the Green book and your wife's Tabien Baan.
    Make sure that you also have the original Green Book too.

    This worked for me, fuss free and I hope it does for you too but as things change, if it doesn't work out, don't blame me!

    Happy riding.........
  5. Thanks Ron, seems simple enough. Will save me a lot of time. ;)
  6. Lakota
    how'd you go - anything happen?
    Did you get in ok, or not?
  7. not been yet. I'll change the bike into my name before I go. Don't want to give em an excuse with all this confusion over bike entry at the moment.

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