Cruisers / Choppers for rent in Cnx

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by DavidFL, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. There's a new big bike shop opened on Moon Muang Road specialising in 400cc Honda Steeds & maybe a few biggers ones (once they get them.)
    The shop's details are
    Big Chopper, 127 Moon Muang Road, next to the Kafe.
    The telephone number is 0 53478497.
    Currently they have 10 Honda Steed 400s. Hire cost is 700 baht a day.

    The lady to speak to is Arunee.

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  3. To Davidfl,maybe you got lucky with your rental at Big Chopper. My experience however wasn't so pleasant.After taking a quick test ride around the moat,everything seemed to work OK. So off I went to Doi Su Thep enroute which I experienced a severe lack of power on the ascent.(probably timing).After returning down from Doi Su Thep the bike began to overheat and stall.I returned the bike to Big Chopper and exchanged it for another Steed.The next morning I proceeded north out of Chiang Mai for a ride in the country side.I made it about an hour's drive out of Chiang Mai on hwy 107 when I turned up towards the hills.about 15k of the hwy the bike died and I spent the next 4 hours attempting to get the bike repaired.I ended up buying a new battery just to get the bike back to BIG CHOPPER AND SUBSEQUENTLY LOSING A DAY OF MY HOLIDAY.As far as Arunee was concerned,she saw no reason to offer an apology for her defective bikes or offer a price adjustment.IF YOU RENT HERE,BEWARE!
  4. George
    Thanks for the tip re Big Chopper - you are 1st one that I / we know who has used their "service."
    My original post was just a tip that there was a new shop on the block, but now we know.
    I am in Mae Hong Son right now, but will speak to Big Chopper when I get back to Cnx to see what the score is and ask about your experience. Maybe we could recommend a name change to Bad Chopper.........
    It would be good to know if you actually asked BC for a refund on your rental, or did you just wait for them to offer something?

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  5. David,I didn't ask for any type of adjustment. I was pretty hot and worked up by the time I returned the bike. I had my GF from Samui with me and didn't want to create a scene. They told me after returning the first bike, that I was only the third person to rent from them. They didn't have any tools on site and I doubt they had anybody to maintain them. George

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