Current prices of bike and gear rental in Phnom Penh?

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  1. We're planning a 2 week trip in November. I've been searching this forum and generally googling around but can't find accurate current prices (I've references in forums of prices that range from 7 to 25 dollars/day, so I'm a little confused):

    1. What is the rent/day of 250's and specifically of Baja's?
    2. What is the rent/day of riding gear?

    I have found 4 places so far that rent (I am searching online, I'm not in PP):
    - The Bike Shop
    - Adventure Moto
    - Angkor Dirt Bikes
    - Lucky Lucky Moto

    3. Are there any others? Do you recommend any of them?
    4. Can a GPS be rented in PP and if so where?

    Any information is appreciated. Cheers.
  2. First of all dont rent a bike from Lucky Lucky they are the cheapest and you will get what you pay for. A total headache of a trip.

    Angkor bikes rates are about the next cheapest at about $14-$15 per day they are good bikes for general purpose trips not to far away from home just in case something goes wrong.

    I would recommend Two Wheels Only his bikes are $15 to $20 a day I think and he can also rent you all the gear and a GPS. 34L street 368 Ph 012200513
  3. Thanks. That helps a lot!
  4. Just a note of recommendation for Lee and Mr Bike Rental ( ) . I was flying in from the UK and needed to arrange a good quality motorbike unseen and in advance for a fairly long two week tour of Cambodia. The Honda Baja 250 I rented was delivered to my hotel exactly as described - in excellent condition and well maintained and serviced. Mr Lee sent photos in advance. I had no problems at all with the bike through two weeks of travel on very difficult roads at times. Lee is an honest and approachable man who speaks very good english and was always helpful. Minor damage to the bike that I caused - broken headlights etc. were charged at a very reasonable rate - lower than the original replacement/shipped price and was very fair.

    I wish Lee all the best for his business and recommend his motorbikes and service over many others that I have seen available in Cambodia.

    Morgan, UK
  5. well, u can get one for USD 7 per day or even less from lucky lucky. And its ur vocation and it suppose to have fun, wat if something wrong in the middle of the supposed to be fun? cant imagine!!! i would be willing to offer from USD 15 to 20 per day as long as that riding worked out as plan.

    i would recommend to pay a bit higher for a better condition for the bike just like i did at mr bike rental ( ) . morever, i would recommend you asking them to send u the exact photos of the bike and see if it is worth with the price.

    Western run can be a bit expensive for nth since they used to live in western country and treat lil money as too lil.
  6. OT but if you find my stolen CBR250 in Cambodia give me a shout :)

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