Current situation entering with US plate from Thailand

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  1. Hey folks,

    I am currently in Chiang Saeng, Golden Triagle, Thailand, and will enter Cambodia on Dec. 18.
    Anybody with RECENT experience on the current situation for bringing a U.S. registered bike please give me a heads-up. I do have a Cambodian driver's license, if this is of any help.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I like to stay in Cambodia (with the bike, of course) until March next year.

  2. You will experience the same process you had when entering or leaving a Thai border with a foreign registered bike.
    You need your passport, current registration book for the bike and bike is in your name.

    Customs surely created created an Import/Export document for the bike when you first entered you a copy of the Im/Ex doc.
    At the Thai/Cambo border will have Immigration stamp you out of Thailand, then go to Customs, where you will give them
    your copy of the original Im/Ex doc, created when you brought the bike into Thailand. Customs will enter the info in their computer,
    allowing the bike to leave Thailand. If you plan on staying/residing in Cambodia and want to later re-enter Thailand you'll get a new Thai Visa,
    then go to Customs with your bike reg book and have customs create a new Im/Ex doc for the bike.

    Then you get to hassle with the Cambo Immigration crooks: overprices visas, fake health checks, etc. Showing your Cambo D/L may
    ward off some of the scams. There is no current requirement to register your bike or obtain insurance when entering Cambo on
    a foreign bike. Some will tell you there is. Ignore them....get your visa and drive on...
    Someone will correct me, if I missed any significant point.
  3. cdrw,

    Thanks. There seems to be some reports that entry was DENIED, or allowed only for holders of a Carnet, although Cambo isn't in the Carnet system.
    I will post how it went.
  4. Great if you can give us an update.
  5. Use the Osmach ( south of Surin thailand) entry point. None of the hassles as with the Poi Pet crossing

    Your only trouble will be i think they ONLY issue a tourist visa at land borders valid for 30 days and only allowed to be renewed once for another 30 days.
    The ordinary (business) visa u can get when u fly in or in advance at an Embassy ( u cant even get it online) which is renewable for up to a year.
  6. Had no problem earlier in the month at Osmach, one Thai plate one US plate. Normal hand the temp import paper back (US plate), and no customs on Cambo side, just a wave. Also no problem coming back in via Hat Lek today.
  7. Agree with Harry and Richard.

    Crossed here last Saturday.

    Osmarch is very easy.. Thai side easy too.. So easy they didn't give us the conveyance forms
    At the time I said to Rob.. That was too easy.. may be they simplified the crossing procedure.. (of course not :)
    All they gave us is the customs form.. This created a bit of grief when entering Thailand after exiting Poipet..
    We had to complete the conveyance forms there and then.. in the end all laughs and no dramas..

    Drama over getting back in to Thailand and all friends again :)

    Started on our ride report. You can see the crossings both sides and where to buy your visa on arrival and get it stamped at O'smarch.
    No scams, tips etc etc.. all nice and easy and empty roads there after :)

  8. Crossed into Cambodia at Koh Kong with the U.S. registered bike on December 18th. No problem.
    Thai side was very formal, immigration, bike, customs, back immigration (total maybe one hour), Cambodian side was VERY easy: A young "fixer" filled out all the forms, I paid him 130TBH. Took 10 minutes.

    Now I am in Cambodia and need to leave again for Thailand, since I am unable to find tires for the BMW here.
  9. Not true, you can get an ordinary visa at all the land borders too. I've personally gotten ordinary visas at Bavet coming from Vietnam and Poipet coming from Thailand.

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