Current weather conditions in Cambodia??

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  1. Current weather info?

    Gday, thinking of heading to Cambodia later in the week, does anyone have any idea what the weather is like right now?

  2. moto rex in fabuary wheater incombodia should be and dusty..
  3. It varies a lot on where you are right now. In PP it rains during the afternoon for an hour every other day or so. In other parts of the country it rains more often and for longer.

    The roads that are dirt are now very muddy and trips to Banlung or Mondulkiri are not much fun as the main town is all you are going to see other smaller roads are impassable.
  4. Pls, don't post wrong info Shadow. Roads in and around Banlung are in good condition. Easy access to Voensai, Ta Veng, Bo kheao and all waterfalls except Seven steps.
    Road to Vietnam is brand new, 65 km,, less than an hr.

    Rd from HW 7 to Banlung 125 km and 2 hrs

    Death highway and road to Siem Pang are impassable this part of the year.

    I might be parted but this is the best time to visit Rattanakiri
  5. I dont post wrong information. The last 30km into Banlung is as slippery as ice if it is wet. The bike will make its own way to the lowest part of the road. You can travel at about 5km per hour.

    As for getting to Mondulkiri I have a friend who is making the trip there and back every week. I have seen pictures of the road. The detours around the bridges under construction are about a foot deep in mud. Just one bridge up and down can take 2hrs. every car and truck is being towed by an excavator.

    I know you have a guest house in Banlung and would like tourists to visit but they should be advised to leave enough time to make the trip safely. I tried to cover to much distance and left Stung Treng at about 1pm to Banlung I had to spend the night on the side of the road due to that slippery red clay.
  6. Thanks for the info guys, still havent made into Cambodia yet, but if and when I do, we'll have catch up for a beer or two.

    Thanks again Moto-Rex.

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