D.A.K. Trip Report by Mark Rossi

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by tropicaljohno, Nov 12, 2007.

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  2. Boy John you have upped the ante with the quality of this post. Makes me almost ashamed to offer my plain unadorned report.
    PS. Hope you are enjoying your move up North.
  3. Peter, above is all Mark Rossi's own work, his WWW is on the blink so he gave me his report on a memory card and I just posted it for him. Mark gave me a sneak preview today of his up and coming web site, looks really cool, he has done a good job there.

    Re the move up north, have to sell a couple of townhouses first in Phuket before we move up. Offered a free 1100GS to Ian Bungy, if he bought the 2 townhouses but no go.
  4. Yeah, Mark's really raised the bar with his arty photogenic report alright.
    But I don't see many guys (me included) rising to the challenge, so congratulations & well done Mark, you've got a winner there.
    Overall, it wasn't a bad day ride eh? Just goes to show you what amazing loops & rides you can do in North Thailand, from just about anywhere.
    I was supposed to meet up with Mark in Fang for the night, returning from Khun Sa's funeral (Silverhawk's got a report coming I think), but Mark seemed to get carried away with his riding & whizzed right past Fang for another 150 odd kms. Life's a "beach" when you having fun on a super motard in the Golden Triangle I'd say.

    Kurt, where are you mate?. Stopped in twice so far & you've not been around. Must be enjoying that Harley you've put together?

    TJ, is it true you are going to re-brand as STJ - Sub-Tropical John, when you've settled in Cnx?
  5. Great report john..can you tell a bit about the SM.
    Looks like a honda 650..
    Allways liked them..
    Thanks KEV
  6. nice ride n picture :D
  7. You are correct. The camp at the top is Burmese.

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