D-Tracker 250 Fork springs rear shock spring REAL dimensions!

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Joelthailand, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. I have had the fork springs fitted for about 5 months & the rear spring fitted this month & I am super happy with the results.

    Anyone that has riden a stock D-Tracker knows the bike is like a bouncy castle with horrible spongy forks that dive into the ground like their made of jelly. The rear end can be beefed up by fully adjusting the pre-load rings & clickers but this still isn't enough for fast hard riding & makes the bike ride very bumpy/jittery when riding normally due to a over woundup rear spring. The forks & rear shock are quality KYB adjustable units but suffer from very weak unprogressive springs.

    There wasn't a company in the world that could sell me upgrade springs for my D-Tracker!! YSS suspension (Thailand) knew nothing, infact useless & could not help me. Racetech suspension (USA) didn't want to help me & we're pretty vague & unhelpful on emails on anything D-Tracker. No seller on ebay was prepared to guarantee their springs would fit a D-Tracker!!
    John at Moto-pro (USA) was my last resort. He is super helpful on emails & spent weeks researching the spring sizes for my bike, based on the SF model in the US. He & I we're happy to take the gamble & his spring predictions for my bike, my weight & riding style were spot on! I bet he gets it right for you as well.

    The new springs & clicker settings has given this bike a genuine very firm but progressively plush ride. It feels like a KTM or a Husky now!!! Jumping from my bike onto a standard original D-Tracker is absolutely night & day in comparison.....in fact it would be rude to compare them.

    Your looking at about $90usd for the front fork springs & about $110usd for the rear spring & you wouldn't believe how well worth the upgrade is, as power is worth nothing without a great handling bike.

    btw a compression tool is not needed to fit rear spring...just a heavy vice & 2 strong guys!! Hold the top of the shock with the vice & get 2 guys to pull the spring back (maybe less than 0.5cm in needed) & this makes it possible to catch the pre-load rings onto the thread & just start rotating like normal. Takes 10 minutes :thumbup:

    FRONT fork springs:
    First thing is to thank John at Moto Pro for getting me the perfect springs for my D-Tracker (SF).

    Fitted the .52kg/mm fork springs about 5 months ago & they have stopped the diving & given me back the correct ride height & sag. Put some new 5wt oil in while the forks were off & set the clickers to 7 from firmest & it's actually quite a nice firm SuperMotard ride but a surprisingly comfortable plush ride over the bumpy stuff now as well.

    I would recommend even with a lighter weight rider....maybe 180-190lbs a .48kg/mm would be good. A .50kg/mm for a 200-210lbs rider & a 0.52kg/mm for a 220+lbs rider. Ask John if you don't like my estimates!


    These above spring will fit any D-Tracker (SF) perfectly. Any Kawasaki mechanic or good Thai mechanic can fit them in less than 2 hours including fork oil change....easy

    Can't stop riding like a nutter at the moment with lots of slamming the brakes on!! For a 230lbs man, this makes for fast riding almost magical....finally the D-Tracker rides like a proper SuperMotard.

    REAR shock spring:

    This is a heavy duty rear spring for the SF.

    It's a 7.4kg/mm & that's what John @ MotoPro recommended for me. I'm 235lbs & wanted a firm ride for fast SuMo road riding! It is not to hard for the record & still needed 1cm of pre-load ring winding on the spring to make it perfect for me.
    Clicker settings are a personal thing....I think i added 4 extra clicks of harder compression & 6 extra clicks of harder rebound & bingo!

    I wouldn't recommend getting less than 6.4kg/mm even for a light weight rider.

    I think the angle of the linkage is different on the S to the SF which means the spring is harder of the SF, as there is more leverage etc....I think!! In fact there are probably only less than a handful of Japanese Kawasaki engineers on the planet that know all the spec differences between an S, SF & D-Tracker-X models. :crazy: .....that's why I let John do the calculations for me!!

    This is the spring John sent me:


    The original D-Tracker spring below, off my bike!

    This spring has a very nice progressive feel & still absorbs the little bumps very well but comes into it's own when I start throwing the bike into undulating fast twisty corners. Feels fantastic & has great predictable handling. :thumbup:

    Can actually have a normal sized pillion passenger on the back without having the bike sitting to low or bottoming out on bumpy corners anymore. :thumbup:

    Kurb-hopping & jumping speed humps at 70+km/h is effortless. :thumbup:

    Slamming on the brakes at 140km/h is now safe, predictable & easy......does not dive into the ground!! :happy2:
  2. Wow! Great Info Joel, thanks for Sharing! No Doubt they could do the Same for the KLX and the Honda CRF?
  3. The KLX S is easy, everyone has those spring measurements.....No one had any idea about the D-Tracker! I'm sure John can get springs for the CRF.

    I would have liked to use YSS suspension (Thailand) in the 1st place & saved some money on shipping but they were completely clueless as to D-Tracker spring sizes or tensions! With the dimension & tension info in my post, it would be easy to get YSS to make anyone fork springs or a rear springs now.

    I've done the investigating (leg work) & the gambling on springs turning up from America to fit & work on a D-Tracker. To anyone on this forum, just quote my spring length measurements & the spring tensions in relation to my/your body weight/tensions kg/mm etc to any suspension company & they can make them up for you & your done! Easy 8)
  4. A friend of mine just bought a YSS fully adjustable rear shock for this D-Tracker. Good build quality, he picked it up for 12,000thb from Kawasaki Pattaya.

    When it's been setup properly & had a few weeks of riding, I will let you guys know what my friend thinks with a ride report.


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