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  1. Selling these D tracker wheels for a friend who has just bought the bike brand new OCT 2010 and wanted to spend an extra 80,000 baht on some aftermarket wheels so had these took of before even riding the bike
    Wheels have only had the tyres /discs took off and fitted on the new wheels
    Change your Klx into a Dtracker
    12,000 baht can send via EMS
  2. i have a set of BST wheels fitted to my Blade that cost 120,000 Baht for the pair so 80,000 is reasonable depending on the wheel type.
  3. Certainly at 80K Baht that is more than 50% of the original cost of a new bike, I wonder what benefit apart from maybe looking good, these provide. Hardly need increased strength, or improved high speed running, maybe a little weight reduction, what else?
  4. I've seen Marchesini for 80,000baht for the D-Tracker, could be them.
  5. Thanks for the brand name stu
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  6. Come on John. I am sure you are just kidding.
    People spend heaps to either make their bike look good or try to improve on what they have in a personal way.
    I have spent 1 ½ times the purchase price of my Blade in Singapore and I am not alone. I see many bikes at the track worth double the purchase price..
    The wheels, HRC kit and full Ohlin’s suspension front and rear was more than the purchase price of my Singapore Blade. Not to mention all the other goodies i have fitted.
    So why would anyone put nice wheels on a 250 bike. Because they want to and they can, I would say that is the answer.

    Have you ever seen those Honda posties bikes that are available modified and done up. Heaps of money spent for what? To each his own.
    For me, I can't understand why anyone would even buy a 250. I can't get enough out of a 1000!!!!
  7. Hi Brian,
    Not really kidding, just looking at the cost benefit. With the new wheels, the bike is now very close to the new price of the ER6-n. I just struggled to see what 80K gives you on that particular bike, maybe that is because i bought mine as a runaround. I live 5k from the town centre, its ideal for that quick trip, that is part of the answer to your 'why buy one' statement. I prefer the 250 to a scooter, taller, better view, better acceleration and brakes, cheap to run. Suprising how many km go on the runaround. Using the BMW or R1 as a runaround is just not practical as long as one is not worried about the Pose value of the bike when in town.
    I would never knock someone wanting to improve their bike, just like to know the benefit gained on that bike.
  8. Some times the only benefit is in your head. Think of it like, make up to a girl!!! whats the benefit?
    In this case though, lighter wheels make a huge difference. You have to study the subject of "unsprung weight"
  9. there's no underestimating "wank value" :lol:
  10. I've seen Marchesini for 80,000baht for the D-Tracker, could be them.skybluestu

    Yes Stu they are and to be honest 80,000baht to him is not a concern as lets say he has a little bit of spare cash!!!!
    He dosent like standard parts and spent over 4 times worth the purchase price on a Hayabusa back in the U.k and rides the t*ts off all the bikes he gets definately not pose value ,
    Still got the wheels for anyone interested also selling forks and other parts
  11. That's good to know, so if he likes quality and has a fair few satang to spare then he'll want my Leo Vince instead of the Tsukigi then?!
  12. Sorry but the leo pipe to me looks great but the stang went on a Tsukigi full system which also is a great buy and stops the dogs chasing me up the soi on my KLX 250
    Whats the best price you will sell the Leo vince for stu?
    i assume its not the made in C.M as i had one on my KLX at start 2009 cost about 4000baht and was setting car alarms off , might as well have just left it off hahaha
  13. Aye, the Tsukigi is a fairly decent pipe if it's an original one from Japan but the Thai made ones are no better than the Yoshi & FMF copies made in CM. The Leo Vince I have for sale is the real McCoy hence the higher than 4000baht price. The best price I'd sell it for would be 15,000 inc EMS delivery which, apart from bringing one in personally yourself after a visit to America, is the cheapest you'll find and much cheaper than the 22k they sell for in BKK. I've seen Arrow & Two Bros pipes going for 18-20k on here so 15k is quite a good deal!

    http://www.leovince.com/en/catalog-kawa ... 2009/11251

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