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  1. Hi I am selling my D Tracker (Orange colour), it is just over 1 yr with low mileage on the clock comes with a set of off road tyres and on road tyres and has a rack added for panniers, if you are interested drop me a line and i will send a photo. I am looking for Bt 105,000 :D
  2. That sounds like a good deal, Rebecca. Can you describe the bike a little, did you take it off-road, does it have any scratches or dents, what is the exact mileage and where is the bike located?
    I know it's not easy to post pics on here but that would be very helpful.
  3. Hi it is in being serviced at the moment so will take a picture when it comes back and get the exact mileage, I have not ridden any serious dirt road on it. As far as i know there are no scratches or dents but will check it over properly when it comes back from the shop.
    The bike is in Bangkok.
    Do you want me to e mail you a photo direct?
  4. No need - I'd love to buy the bike but I just had to sell my 250 since I'm as good as broke! Company I worked for tanked and owes me.
    But no worries, it should sell quick for that price, somebody will snap it up within a week!
  5. Send me a photo please.
  6. Thanks for all the interest in the bike, i sold it this morning.
    Rebecca :D

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