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  1. Pgt066

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    Top of the line Italian riding gear.

    Dainese has a really nice store located in the Ladrprao area of Bangkok. Directly across the road from CDC (Crystal Design Center) (A furniture and decoration Mall).

    They carry everything that Dainese makes, and also seem to stock the whole size range (Important for Farangs). Nothing but Dainese and AGV sold in this store!

    13°48'17.14"N 100°36'59.70"E (Throw this in Google Earth)

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  3. DaRider

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    I had a look at their boot at BKK motorcycle festival earlier this year. The whole range of Dainese products seemed available, and what they didn't had, they could order. The armour i was looking for was about 50% more expensive than in Europe though...
  4. Pgt066

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    Of course..... It is Imported!

    I did not say it was cheaper than the EU or USA, but if you need something, and you want to ensure it fits properly. The shop is there.
  5. DaRider

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    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply anything about what you were saying.
    I just thought I'd add something from my own experience.

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