Dan Sai (Phi Ta Khon Festival) return. 13-17 June.

Jan 12, 2003
Dan Sai (Phi Ta Khon Festival) return. 13-17 June.
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Chiang Mai - Lampang - Den Chai - Uttaradit - Chat Trakarn - Nakhon Thai - Dan Sai.
Routes # 11 - 1246 - 1143 - 2013.
Return: Dan Sai - Lom Kao - Phu Hin Rongkla national park- Nakhon Thai - Chat Trakarn - Uttaradit - Den Chai - Lampang - Chiang Mai.
Routes # 2014 - 203 - 2005 - 2331 - 2013 - 1143 - 1246 - 11.
Total Distance: 930 kms.
Left Chiang Mai at 10.00 am & arrived in Dan Sai at 3.30 pm.
Fuel stops were (1) Lampang, (2) Nakhon Thai. Fuel is a bit patchy between route 11 and Chat Trakarn, so make sure you aren't going to run out & need a top up in this section.
Main food stop, (breakfast / lunch for the girlfriend) was at the sala viewpoint on route 11, approx 30 kms south of Den Chai.
On the return trip we left Dan Sai at 1.30 pm, after the main festival parade was over, went through Phu Hin Rongkla national park, & arrived in Uttaradit at 6.30 pm.

Most of these roads I have reported in the last few months. I even got it right this time cutting across from Uttaradit to Chat Trakarn, mainly because the turn off on route 11 is now signposted to Chat Trakarn.

On the return we did what I consider to be the most amazing asphalt road I've ever done in Thailand - route 2331 through Phu Hin Rongkla national park. It's totally amazing because of the incredible winding steepness, spectacular breathtaking views & scenery at the Lom Kao end. I've done it 4 times now & it really is a "bit alright," - it rates 11 out of 10 in my book. With a load (the girlfriend & the make up) on even the Africa Twin has to work getting up this one!
In the wet season you need to pay careful attention to the weather, and if you think there's going to be heavy rain going up or down - my suggestion is to forget it.
To just ride through the park allow about 1 hr. There's some excellent forest cover on the top, plus the info about the old communist camps there is really enlightening - the camp was still being used in 1982! You could spend a day looking at all the sites & there's some accommodation at the Nat Park HQs, but what the standard is I don't know (probably not very good.)
We did not go to the cliff lookout at the old HQs, as we figured we would drop at least an hour to do so (you also had to walk), and time was not on our side. It was already 4.00 pm & the plan was to spend the night in Uttaradit.

This was Phi Ta Khon # 7 for me & accommodation in Dan Sai has not improved much from the 1st time I went there 13 years ago! The only new spot (sorry, didn't get the name) in town are some rooms for rent at the main intersection turn off into town, just behind the bank on the highway, route 2013. But we did not stay here, & chose to stay in one of my old favourites - the Wiang Kaew g/house, 2 kms out of town on route 2114. There's only 3 rooms here, but it's (behind a small PTT gas station) set on a large plot of land with a small orchard. At festival time room cost was 300 baht. The rooms are basic, but pretty much clean with cold water, squat toilet & big beds. It's also quiet & if you take any of the ratty g/house rooms in town you have to put up with all the late night festival noise. In comparison, the WK really is extremely quiet & out of the way. The old family owners are cool people too.
The best food we found to be at the Nong Tai restaurant, in the main street, from where we watched the parade & activities.
There's a few cute places on the highway route 2013, opposite the hospital. We had (quite) a few cold beer Leos here one night, plus a magic Korean BBQ with the girls doing the cooking honours for us poor incapacitated farang guys.
Up the hill a bit further, past the hospital, is the Jantra Suan Aharn, with an unreal line up of cute young good looking singers in the usual "shortest" possible mini -skirts & skyscraper high boots. This has to be Dan Sai's number one night spot & was pretty impressive for my two mates - Dave & Lex - here from Oz for the first time, although I'm not sure Lex would be keen on the boys going there too often!

We roughed it at the Seeharaj hotel for 700 baht a night. At this price the place is top value. We ate at the Labieng Nam riverside restaurant, across the river, on the road to Phitsanulok. The food at the LN is good & compared to Chiang Mai prices, cheap! They also had a very nice country Thai-music band.
Later on back in town we hit the Indian Dang Pub, just next to the hotel. The band here's just ok, but obviously this place is one of the hot night spots in Utt - it was packed & I thought wouldn't it be nice to be single again for a night or two, or how to score another leave pass from the singer girlfriend....


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Dan Sai's on again June 28- 29; which oddly enough is the last weekend of June. I reckon that ol spirit doctor is co-operating with the TAT to make sure that the event is again held on aweekend to please the TAT & tourists. If you want go from Chiang Mai or the North, please reply here asap so we can confirm numbers & beds…

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