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  1. I saw a few guys with Harleys in Mae Sariang on Wednesday who warned me about the 105 going to Mae Sot, then a couple of hours later I saw a BMW R1200GS in the back of a pick up truck a bit smashed up parked next to a pick up carrying a damaged KTM 950 adventure. Both of these had come to grief on the same stretch of road. As you leave Mae Sariang its okay for about 28 km then you come to a new surface, its this new surface that has a lot of loose gravel for about 6 km. Its then okay for about 2 km then its back to loose gravel and sand for another four km. If your heading to Mae Sariang north from Mae Sot as you get to highway marker 190 km where the police bollards are in the road, slow down as thats where it starts and take great care for 12 kms. Also the 108 between Hot and Mae Sariang has quite a few short sections of a loose surface, these are usually only about 40 metres long but there are a few of them, these are after the turn to Mae Chaem. There is one long section of a few kms just before entering Mae Sariang where the surface is up as well

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  2. UPDATE 31 MARCH 2006
    Just in from the Mae Sot Loop & the road (Mae Sareing - Mae Sot) is "ok" now.

    There are some road improvements going on south of Mae Ngao for a few kms. If it is wet & / or the water truck has been over the road it can be a bit greasy in places.


    60-65 kms south of Mae Sarieng you still have 2 tricky downhill stony sections, just over a rise when heading south.


    These were first reported http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... hTerms=gps Nov 2003 & 2 of them are still there!
    If you're going a bit fast & cranked right over you could get into trouble. Note that these are only tricky heading south, as they both over a blind crest, with no warning.


    Heading north they are no trouble, as it is easy to see them in advance.

    Otherwise the road is no trouble. In fact at the south Ban Tha Song Yang - Mae Sot end it's awesome - smooth, fast flowing, sweeping = highly recommended.

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  3. Looks like these are still there as reported by Capt Slash
    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... html#17743

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