day trips from Sihanoukville

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  1. Kbal chhay waterfall exit just 5 miles away dirt road from national road #4 before entering Sihanoukville best way to get there take someone with you pay 5.000 riels to enter the park about 1.25$

    food and drinks available

    she never been there before perfect get away place :happy1:​
  2. To bokor mountains
    Road to mountain finally has been paved 10 12 private guards alone the road to protect casino hotel investments I did not pay to enter it is a national park but i heard 5 to 7 $ fees charged by tour guides in Kampot



    distance 37 k seems like less 20 minutes ride to the top

    I could not enter the church because of the smell and also occupied by locals


    it s sad to see this national park sold to private firm nevertheless it would be a nice day ride
  3. Sihanoukville - Bokor Mountain.

    Head out off SV on the main road (Route 4). Continue straight on past the turning for the airport and on through the toll gates (no charge for motorbikes) until you reach a dusty market town called Veal Rinh which is about 45 kms from Sihanoukville. Here turn right down Route 3 towards Kampot. Follow this road for about another 45 kms and the turning for Bokor Mountain comes up on the left. It is a national park and the charge is 2000 Riel (0.5USD) for entry. This is the start of the 32 km road winding up Bokor Mountain. Trip can be done on a 100cc scooter but better on a bigger bike (dirt or road bike). There is a foreign guy near the entrance to the park who offers tours up the mountain (plus lots of other tours) on big sports bikes The Pha Daeng Mansion. At the top there is a 15 km loop you can do including visiting the waterfalls although they appear to be building a small town up there at the moment so I don't know how long it will stay natural.

    (When you pass the airport on the right-hand side you can optionally turn right and follow the quiet road down to Ream Bay and Wat Ream for a nice addition to the trip)


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