Daytrip to Mae Chaem

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    Well, as stated before bikes are done/finished so the riding should be priority.
    As the road we planned to go was washed away in parts near Wiang Papao, Eric came up with an alternative route southwestwards.
    Art (Blister) on his D-Tracker
    Eric (Pee) on his DRZ400SM
    Franz on my DR650

    Chiang Mai - Sanpatong on the 108
    Sanpatong - Huai Tong on the 1013
    Huai Tong to near Sop Wak on a dirttrack
    Sop Wak - Mae Chaem on the 1263
    Mae Chaem - Chomthong on the 1192 and 1009
    Chomthong - Chiang Mai on the 108
    all in all ~ 230 kms for me, for Eric and Art more as they had to go from CNX to Kad Farang first, so maybe 250 kms.

    We agreed to meet at 08:30 at Kad Farang for brekkie. Had to wait until first coffeshop opened to get our needed calories.
    Sky was very dark and a little dribble going down on us, so we left quite late.
    First part was easy as we took it slow for wet roads and loads of traffic on the 1013.
    Short stop to take a pee :smile1: :silent: :
    Then on we went and had no illusions as to what the weather will be all day...... :?
    We also wanted to have a look at the Mae Wang waterfall, but after one sign the track forked in many directions with no more signs but loads of elefant poo, so not the best environment for a nice fall on a very slippery track. Another "Eric" stop:
    Where are we ????
    Ahhhhhh, here's the beginning of our all suffering:
    And then it got interesting, just turning into the dirttrack, first progress was good but then quickly it became very steep and because of rain very very slippery. Art was on his Motard tyres :crazy: and me on the 75/25 ones. Maybe 25 meant asphalt with little stones on it....... :evil:
    Got then stuck on a steep uphill, only Art managed, he rode first :mrgreen: .
    A little rest after some pushing, swearing and sweating......WTF should we return ? It's only 4 kms back to the good road ? What, go down this one ? Never, maybe when it's dry, next month......
    On we went, spirits high, actually came to a little village asked there the way to Mae Chaem was and they smiled and said: take the left one. We were wondering why there were no 4x4 tracks, obviously for a good reason as we learnt to know later on. We had then some sweat dripping into our eyes for some kilometers, you know how that salty stuff hurts....... :crazy:
    Just before this shot, Art's bike got tired and laid down for a small rest..... :mrgreen: :oops: :lol:
    So far so good, some kilos lost already on my luxury body that was formed by Singha, man that beer will taste like heaven in the evening..........
    Than on our way down we encountered some of the soaked red clay which doesn't allow you to ride on it, like a wild horse it likes to throw you around, Eric and me with the torquey engines had to really feed the carbs in movements of 1/100mm on the throttle, breaking ?? Want to kill us ??
    After the red stuff wasn't there anymore some brownish earth then clogged our wheels, brakes, mudguards, ohhhh what fun will we have tomorrow in cleaning that one out......
    Finally we managed to reach a tarmac road and then blizzed off to lunch at Mae Chaem, if you can call eating at 16:00 lunch..... :wtf: .....
    Then it was all throttle open via the Inthanon road. Eric and me had our engines set to rich because as we got up there our engines failed in higher revvs at these altitudes, not enough Oxygen for the thumpers, again some work for tomorrow..... :thumbdown:
    Shortly after Mae Chaem as small landslide just stopped in front of me, some stones and earth still rolling, be careful out there !!!!
    Then it was all a nice and mostly dry ride back to CNX where we parted where everything started today. All in all the weather was cool and not so wet but unfortunately we always came to tracks that were showered not so long before.
    All in all this was a very nice day in the company of even nicer guys, so many many thanks Eric and Art for the pleasant company and ride !!!!
    See you on the next one which will not be a dirty one next Saturday 16.10. !!
    Cheers, Franz
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    Here is a nice loop for a day ride; avoiding too much riding on big roads and enjoying magical Mae Chaem valley while by-passing Disneyland Doy Inthanon.
    It's a good mix of:
    1) Fun tight curvy roads. Especially Sop Wak-Mae Chaem on 1263 and Mae Chaem up to junction with 1009. That's where "Superfast-Luxury-Body" Franz disappeared in the horizon line. You were probably listening to "Purple Haze" mate: "Excuse me while I kiss the sky, etc"
    2) Oxygen+++ dirt tracks without major difficulty -when it's dry.

    Yesterday the dirt section (Huai Tong-Mae Chon Luang-Sop Wak) was mostly okay with 2 hurdles:
    1)A steep rocky muddy bit about 4 km after Khun Wang
    2)Later on a red clay icy section.

    Another good point about this area: there are many connecting roads and tracks so one can adjust itinerary according to time and mood. For those with more time on their hands the option of keep going on 1263 towards Khun Yuam and Mae Hong Son is also open.

    Respect to my riding partners Art "Superspirit" Blister and "Superfast" Franz who didn't gave up despite their road tyres.


    At this time of the year Mae Chaem valley is wonderful. We were even blessed by sunshine after a rainy start. Amazing Lanna.

    I was more fortunate than my riding mates as my Pirelli MT 60 worked quite well even on the wet but nothing could be done against this red icy sticky dirt.

    "Lovely" late lunch at Pongsara resort in Mae Chaem to refurnish some "luxury" body!

    Thanks again for your company guys. I own you a nice day.

    Pace & Salute
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    Nice one boys,, that is one of those trips where me and my buss cant attend,,,LOL :happy3:

    but always clad to see what you boys are doing in there,,,keep em coming and thank you
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    Nice report guys. Glad you still had fun despite the slimy conditions. :thumbup:

    I'm glad too I was away & did not tag along on the AT.


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