Deadly Bikes from Mr Mechanic CM ?


Nov 20, 2013
Hi All :),
My first post, sorry to start on a not so positive note !
Just rented a bike (Honda click 110 ? automatic) for the day from Mr Mechanic, as advised on GT, I should have checked for brakes etc, but my Thai gf thought the bike looked OK :( and she was happy to ride with me riding pillion.

I was riding On the way down hill to the gate from the green house at Queen Sirikit Botanical gardens, completely lost the front brake !, the rear break was hardly functional. Almost banged into several people and kids.

Sorry I know these guys are sponsors of this forum !
I am just trying to figure out,
1. why they repeatedly give out bikes with dodgy brakes ? there are many similar situations documented
2. and most importantly what to do in such a downhill situation in the future.
3. what went wrong this time, because the breaks worked fine for some time, but the cable went slack towards the end of the downhill ride !, I was leaning heavily on the brakes (I am more used to riding bikes with foot brakes + clutch) . Also my riding skills are pretty poor !, haven't really had training, just self taught/ discovered
Cheers for any advice :)