Death Highway (Koh Nhek to Lumphat) on Minsks ???

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    Hi there !
    My girlfriend and me, both riding Minsk, are planing to drive from Mondolkiri to Ratanakiri ... I googled it and found that the rode from Koh Nhek to Lumphat was diificult.
    How difficult is that ... and do you think it is possible to ride it with sovietic Minsks ?? ie far from a proper dirt bike ...
    And do you think it is necessary to hire a guide ( i dont have any GPS ...)

    Thanks a million !
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    is nice place to ride more adventure. modolkiri to ratnakiri is dusty dec to april and muddy from may onward(raining season.
    pls bring u tank for spare pertol.during raining prefer off road tyre
    hv nice riding

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