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  1. Got this, this morning anyone know anyhtin about it?

    Hi everyone, I am not sure how many of you I know if any. My name is Leanne Anders and I am Jim's former wife, I am sending this email to you all as I am unsure as to whom his brother has contacted and who he hasn't.It is with great sadness that me and his children wish to inform you that Jim was sadly taken from us on May the 8th, he was involved in a motor bike accident in Thialand. I don't have any more details at the moment as his children and I only found out late last night.As I said I am unsure who his brother has been able to contact so though I would send these emails to inform you all. I beleive he wants to be buried in Thialand but also beleive there is to be a memorial service here in Australia where and when once again I don't know at this time. If anyone wishes to contact his mother or brother please contact me and I will forward their numbers. RegardsLeanne
  2. Sad news indeed.

    I think that this might be the guy killed coming up from Bangkok with the guys from Secret Soi Riders yesterday.

    A rider hit a truck doing a U-Turn somewhere near Tak.

    Details are a bit sketchy as the guys were quite shaken up - their 2nd group ride & the rider killed was a new "member" on his first ride with the group - he joined on the day? So even they did not have all the contact details & relevant info.

    However I am sure that Tony & the SSRs have the situation under control & the next of kin / relevant friends have been notified.

    We are always saddened by the death of a rider.
    Our condolences go to Jim's family & friends.
  3. 013109JimsAndMonSm.
    Rest in Peace Jim- you were a true gentleman, a gentle giant with a huge heart and you were taken from us far too soon.
    Heartfelt condolences to your wife, children, family and loved ones.

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  4. Sad indeed.

  5. He was on our ride list real busy guy between Family, Sport and work in tha order. But we magaed to get a few rides in. Great guy the kind of person that you run into and just feel like you have been blessed for the experience. I would loved to have more ride time with him. Never saw him get angry always a big smile on his face Great guy and a good rider.


  6. He was a great guy, big smile and a genuinely good guy. I miss him and it is devastating what happened.

    Must your soul rest in peace Jim.

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