Death of the fabled Qingqi Chinese bike.....

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  1. Well it finally happened. After years of trying to kill the bike by beating it to death
    in three different countries, the Thai police have done what I could not do...
    During a traffic stop today, they impounded the bike as of course it did not have
    papers or a license plate. ( did have a fake plate...) . He told me that he would
    release it when I presented a book for it. Guess that will not be happening.....
    So farewell QingQi bike, we had some amazing travels in China, and in Thailand
    on the Missing Link.

  2. Oh what a Sad Demise for Such a Devoted Steed! It Served You well and at least it left You with a lot of Memories! RIP Qingqi.
  3. Where do they confiscate "grey" bikes? In Bangkok?

    Usually they want some tea money...

    They threatened me once in BKK to confiscate a bike with invoice only but then offered to let me go for 5,000 baht.

    After a long phone conversation with a Thai friend I got off paying 2,000 baht.
  4. This was in Pattaya. The bike was not grey market, it was no market.
    I smuggled it across Thai Laos border. So it was no ownership, no registration,
    and no insurance. So the policeman was within his right to seize the bike.
    Things are getting a lot tougher now, before when I got caught I would be fined
    600 baht for " improper" registration........ There is a new sheriff in town, Prayut,
    and it looks like he wants to piss in everyone's boot
  5. You tried to kill the bike by beating it to death in three different countries? That's amazing!

    Usually that can be achieved by riding a Chinese made bike for a few thousand kilometers. ;)

    How many trouble free miles did you get out of this bike?

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