Deposit paid I'm riding my KTM 1190 from UK to Thailand this year 😃

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  1. At last I made the decision to do it this year after many visits and hiring bikes. I am going to ride over via China then stay for a few months in Thailand using Chaing Mai as my base as always really enjoyed it there. I leave England the 3 rd August and should be in Chaing Mai about 4th October. I have always had good advice and help from this site and hopefully will meet a few more of you.
    Thanks for all the advice so far.
    Safe riding
  2. Good luck Paul and keep us posted on the planning progress and the ride once you leave Blighty.
  3. I envy you.

    I hope you come to Chiang Mai will welcome.
    I will buy you a delicious meal and coffee at a time.
    And it'll guide the Chiang Mai area.

    Good luck on your bike trip.
  4. That's great thanks I will take you up on that when I arrive , I'm going via turkey and China it should be a really exciting trip.
    Safe riding
  5. Have a safe trip when its time for it and watch out for cops all over eastern Europe. They want your € and $. Keep small notes just in case. And traffic in China are also something to watch out for as it is 1000 times worse than Thailand!

    For the rest - enjoy! Its something one do only once in a lifetime.
  6. Dodgaugen
    Thanks very much for the advice I'm trying to avoid big city's in China so I hope it won't be that bad we are going via Tibet as well but in anycase I hope to cope��
    have you done the trip ?
    Safe riding
  7. Oh man - Tibet?! That is a place I would have loved to visited and riding around in.

    Yeas - did the trip last year with mr Hotson. (Look at my avatar photo ;-))
    Still in Thailand but will start towards the Kengaroo island next month.
  8. Paul,
    Good luck with your trip.
    Had a RTW biker drop in here a couple of years ago. He had ridden east from England and got to Kashgar, where the Chinese would not allow him to pass south through Tibet to Nepal. So he ended up going north to Mongolia for a ride around, then flew with his bike from Ulan Bator to BKK. We met him later in Laos. So, need to get all permits required for crossing China and would need a local agent to organise. Possible but not easy.
    We had a great ride across Tibet a few years ago with the Himalayan Roadrunners;
    They have been running bike tours from Kathmandu to Lhasa and back for the last 20 years, but it's never a guaranteed trip. In fact last years trip was diverted to within Nepal, due to severe landslides on the pass up to the Tibet border from KTM.
    Tibet is a surreal place to ride, but hard work. Altitude, poor food and accommodation plus changeable weather. Stock up on Diamox for altitude sickness prevention and Cipro for stomach viruses.
    We were riding tough old Enfields, so no problems with poor fuel, rough terrain or altitude, but need to check a modern bike is up to it.
    Good luck
  9. Ian
    Very intresting the China Tibet bit is the organised bit with support and they have done it before so hopefully it will be ok we're all on modern bikes but will take your advice much appreciated
    Safe riding
  10. Enjoy your trip. Are you doing the China part with Motoexplorer tours?
  11. Yes I am ,guys on this site put me in touch with him and some others who live in Thailand are doing the same trip.
    Safe riding
  12. Absolutely 100% correct on that point. Real passive aggressive for sure. Thailand is so much motorcycle friendly than the middle kingdo0m.
  13. If you might allow me...

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  14. I'm on the trip with you, and I'll be taking a load of Disento's back with me ... I swear by them for jippy tummies !
  15. Bikerdoc, Are you really recommending Flagyl (metronidazole) which has an adverse reaction when taken with alcohol? You do realize this is a bikers' forum? :shock: :p
  16. 305000=22051-DSC_5659.

    Yeah Disento the way to go when you're on the road & need to ride everyday with no time to rest up & obey "doctor's orders."

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