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  1. hs0zfe

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    Where do you stay when you are in this town? Am going to work there - it was an easy choice based on the location. It should be great for motorcycle tours... Do you have anything to recommend?

    Cheers, Chris
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  3. Fatlad

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    We stayed at the Nan Guest House only for one night, 57/15 Mahaprom Road great parking for the motorbike, and dined at Just Jazz, run by a pomme great food and entertainment, try his home made sausage and home cured bacon lovelly, he is on 124/1 Ananta Woraritthi Det Road, will post the cordinates as soon as can find them.
    I personally think some of the best riding in Thailand, shame its 750kms away from Mukdahan.

  4. DavidFL

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  5. hs0zfe

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    Thank you so much!


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  6. Rod Page

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    How good is the photo you attached!!!!!
  7. wimpy

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    Would definately appreciate the coordinates for Just Jazz if you have them.
  8. Fatlad

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    N18 46.841 E100 46.292

    His Name Ian tel No 0835785729
  9. wimpy

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    Cheers for that.

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