Detours along the way from Khon Kaen to Nan

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    Last week I made a 4 days trip to Nan and made some detours along the way. Coming from Khon Kaen I took route 12 in direction of Chumpae and just after Chumpae I always stop at the PTT gasoline station for an drink & snack. Normally I always just continue route 12 into Nam Nao National Park, but as I had seen an big lake on Google Earth somewhere on the south-east side of the route going thru Nam Nao I wanted to check that out.

    So I took a left a route 2055 in direction of "Chulabhorn" lake. And it is actually and amazing beautiful route along the kartsen mountains of Nam Nao. Too bad it is and dead-end route (at least on an a touring-bike).


    So I returned back to route 12 and did hit the beautiful roads of Nam Nao National Park to Lom Sak and Dan Sai where I did stay overnight. The next day I did ride via Na Heao in direction of Nan, but near Na Heao I did visit 2 beautiful temples. One of them has beautiful mural paintings.


    From there on it was along the Thai-Lao border area to Na Noi and Nan where I did stay 2 nights at an brand new boutique hotel "Baan Nan" and had many an breakfast/lunch at "Tony's place". Back to Khon Kaen I took the highway route 101 to Phrae but then I was bored of the straight and easy highway and took and detour again. This time via route 1022 (take a left turn near Phrae). The first 25km are beautiful road going into the mountains. But then the next 40km is an gravel road/track at an hight of 600m - 950m and leads all the way to the Sirikit lake. A beautiful jungle road with many side tracks for off-road. The last 70km again are good roads.


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