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  1. Tony made me aware of this in the Honda thread - apparently Ducati now have a locally made Diavel available


    800k baht for the base model, compared to 18,000 USD MSRP it's over 40% more expensive. Hrm... somewhat disappointing, that. Still I think the same bike was over 1M before so.. also I saw a 99k baht down financing offer on the website. I guess tax-adjusted it's more like 33%, still...

    Anyone know what other models are coming, and when? Hoping for the Hypermotard...
  2. Any idea/guess if the 40% thing is a tax issue or just a local pricing anomaly?
  3. All those people who paid over a mil for their Diavels the past few months/year are no doubt pissed off. Their resale value just plummeted.

    I heard about this happening on the Diavel a few months ago. I also heard (Just a Rumor)...that all Ducati's will eventually become available through Ducati Thailand at the local rate....minus the Streetfighter, and Super Bikes.
  4. Just love it, keep 'em coming Ducati sorry Audi. Thailand has suffered in past years but who knows what will be available in Thailand the next 5 years.

    Maybe we will have very good selections of big bikes and cars as everyone is moving here to take advantage of the cheap labour and Govt encentives.

    Bring it on but doubt very much if Triumph or Harley's will follow the growing trend.

    Cheers Ken F
  5. Cheap labor? Stable gov't? Thailand? I think you must be thinking of some other SE Asian country, no?
  6. hahahah indeed. Well cheap labor is imported from Burma, Laos and Cambodia. And the gov is stable the next 3 months.
    Soon factories will realize they could better build their factories in Cambodia or Vietnam.

    Chang Noi
  7. Indeed many low skilled low paying industries such as textile, agriculture and food processing are filled with cheap disposable labor from neighboring countries

    But jobs that require skilled labor are pretty much off limits to imported labor.

    Automotive, IT, chemical etc generally require at the minimum a technical degree and proficient Thai literacy and are therefore filled almost exclusively by Thai workers.
  8. You guys obviously know better than DucAudi... time will tell, I suppose ;) although ... Cambodia?? Please!

    I'm excited about locally made Ducs ...

    I wonder about Triumph - will they see the error of their ways and finally negotiate a new BOI deal that allows them to compete with other locally made bikes? Or will they continue to regard the SEA market as an afterthought? Big mistake IMO.
  9. I think labour is cheap here and so does Triumph, Kawasaki, Honda bikes and cars, Ducati, mazda, Toyota, Izusu and Suzuki who just started making the swift here, just to mention a few.
    The Thai govt has offered them all tax incentives if they can make and sell a magic number of units per year. The King has started a special project supporting the growing micro car industry worldwide, he wants it to happen here in Thailand.
    Never said the Thai govt was stable. I don't think Thailand has to compete with Lao, Cambodia, Mynmar but definately Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia are the real competitors to this growing Asia region.
    Anyhow getting back to the original topic and staying positive, unlike some members, GOOD ON YA DUCATI KEEP THOSE THAI MODELS COMING.

    Cheers Ken F
  10. Talked to the guys down at the Thonglor shop yesterday. They say that just because the price has come down on the Diavel, there has been no mad rush of more people coming to buy them.
  11. Fair prices are a long term play - what would be more interesting is how well the Thai made Diavel at 800k/925k is doing against the imported ones at 1.6 M. And obviously 800k is still pretty substantial...
  12. Few know that Thailand is the country for the last 10 years assembling the largest number of cars in the world. Attention I said, assembles, not produces. That is why Ducati has chosen this country to open its factory in Asia. Assembly lines will be expanded consistently, i believe every 2/3 years. Within the next 6 years should be capable of producing about 50.000 units. Easy to assume that will be enlarged the range of model production and only the racing division will remain in Borgo.
  13. so there are two models, and you can choose between locally produced or imported??? how can you tell the difference???

    I was thinking that 800K is a good price, considering the ZX14R price is so much higher than in Aus, and 800K is less than the Diavel price in Aus... but if the ones in Aus are the ones you are paying BHT1.6M for - that's a different story.
  14. Daewoo, If a Diavel was 100,000 Baht there would still be someone here Complaining it should be 90.000!!! You know what People are like here? They lose touch with Reality and compare all costs to their Home Country or Local Prices!!! It is a Beautiful Bike and the Guys at the Motorshow told Me the only difference between the Local one and the Import is the amount of Tax Paid!!! there are a Number of Bikes here Cheaper than in other Countries, also a Lot which are More Expensive! Depends which one You want and What You can afford.
  15. Daewoo, I was in the Ducati showroom in Thonglor BKK a couple of weeks ago and they told me that they import CKD the Monster 795, Diavel ABS Black and the Diavel Carbon Red. As such, those three are are only assembled in Thailand and not made/manufactured here, the rest imported CBU.
    The price list does not show that there is a choice of CBU (imported fully assembled) over CKD (assembled here), see below

  16. Actually, the Thai-made Diavel weighs about 5kg more because it has a larger exhaust in order to comply with Thailand's silly emissions requirements. TiT :crazy:
  17. The 800THB ZX14R is $20,000 in Aus - 615K Baht.

    The Diavele prices are AUD$25,500 for the Standard - 770K Baht, and $31,500 - 970K Baht for the Carbon Red.

    So the prices are only a little more for the standard, and a heap cheaper for the Carbon Red... Interestingly, it seems the Carbon Black is 15K Baht cheaper than the Carbon Red here, but 300K baht more expensive in Thailand...

    Whilst the Kwaka is a great bike no doubt, it obivously wouldn't have the exclusivity appeal of the Diavel... so they are comparitively damn good prices (or crap prices in Australia, which may well be the case)...

    Word of warning tho... my mate only gets 3,000km out of his rear tyre - the 240 width rear is only made by Pirelli, and without competition, the price is as you would expect...
  18. I know what you mean Ian...

    A lot of people make two mistakes - one is thinking that the cost of producing something has a lot to do with the price, it doesn't... cost only influences the break even or lowest price - and that in itself has to include maketing costs, contribution to 'head office', cross subsidising low performing products etc etc...

    The second si thinking that price is set to sell as many as they can - Price is set by the marketing department to be the price where the volume sold curve crosses the price the market will bear...

    Pricing isn't set by adding up the cost of the parts, and adding 10%...
  19. Interesting info, thanks! Makes a lot of sense...
  20. Well Guys,
    I sold my Kawasaki Versys to Frank and I bought the Thai made Monster 795 in BKK... I guess with 3 Monsters in the Garage the Kawasaki, akthough a great bike, was out of place.... Speaking to the Ducati guys, they confirmed that Ducati will NOT manufacture any superbikes in Thailand.... and to my direct question... Will you manufacture a Multistrada... the answer was, the MS is not in the Suprbike range ...
    I got the very same political answer from Kawasaki when I offered a deposit for the Versys 1000 a day earlier.... "We cannot confirm when we will l import the Versys 1000, but the price will be 650,000 Baht !!!!!!!

    Of course between the MS and the Versys 1000, I would buy the Ducati, but truly speaking, the reviews and the test drive I had on the Versys 1000, was very good for a 120+bhp range of adventure cruiser... Being the owner of an MS and having travelled for 16K km's by now, I will find it difficult to ever choose a different sports cruiser..

    Back to the Monster... got a few bits to add to it and have sent them already to Ducati for fitting... Exhaust, Mirrors, Steering stabiliser, a Corbin 2 piece Seat, Side frames and bags (from my 1100s), Givi windscreen... so lets see wht the 795 will look like...

    The good news that the delivery on the Monster was 4-DAYS !!!!! on cash payment... which is Great... Ducati charged me an extra 3500K for the plate and 14K for the insurance on top of the price...

    I also had a look at the Diavel, and actually I had tried one in Dubai... an absolute beauty even if its not my style of riding... there again... from various freinds that made the choice between the Kawasaki ZX14R and the Diavel, they chose the Ducati... riding position and of course the looks...

    Overall, we as bikers should be greatful that Kawasaki and Ducati both assemble in Thailand as we get the opprtunity to ride great bikes without the "silly" tax markup.. I hope VW/Audi does not impact the Ducati decisions and frankly speaking the work that Ducati has done in the last 10 years is truly remarkable...

    Once I have driven the 795 round, will let you know... this will be the 3rd Monster in my bikehold...and we are all looking to welcome her home.

    Safe riding..
  21. Congradulations Nikolas on the new Monster very nice.

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