Did Kawasaki sell a KRR 125 Serpico sports bike with 2-stroke engine?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by hs0zfe, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. hs0zfe

    hs0zfe Ol'Timer

    I need some parts and only found a 150 cc "Serpico" in parts lists. Hopefully somebody knows the answer. It's powerful and feels like a 150 cc, but the Thai lady seller claimed it was "a 125".

    Will add photo later, am at work

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  3. Cruising

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    i`ve got a ZX 150. what you describe is more than likely some sort of KR 150 engined bike.

    these are ex police bikes that were made in thailand and kawsaki has a heap of spares for them.
    kawaski CM has a ZX,serpico and some of the older KR model parts catalogues.

    what is it you are looking for? and a pic would help.
  4. hs0zfe

    hs0zfe Ol'Timer

    Cheers! Am trying to upload a photo. Chris
  5. hs0zfe

    hs0zfe Ol'Timer

    Photos: am trying it again

    Attached files 274308=7299-KRR.
  6. hs0zfe

    hs0zfe Ol'Timer

    The file size was too large - I missed that.

    Attached files 274309=7301-KRR3. 274309=7300-KRR4.
  7. Cruising

    Cruising Ol'Timer

    i`ts a Serpico,alloy frame and KIPS and a 150cc.


    looks like an Indo site but it says that it`s a 150.


    i think you`ll find that Kawasaki CM will have a parts catalogue for it. you just have to nail down the exact model it is and they will be more than helpful in finding the parts for you.
    most of the engine parts can be used in nearly all the KRR engines.
  8. hs0zfe

    hs0zfe Ol'Timer

    Wow, thank you so much!
  9. ballbkk

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