Dinner in CNX with GT Riders

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by Franz, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Dear all in CNX, I would like to invite GT Riders for a nice dinner at Eung Peung Jan Pah Restaurant behind Carrefour on Sunday 27th of July at 19:00. I will cover food, beer and softdrinks, Whiskey you have to bring/pay yourself. Eung Peung (new location) is easy to reach, just after the Carrefour turn left, at the fist intersection left again, pass Carrefour on the backside until you reach a T-junction and turn right, 200 meters Eung Peung is on the left side. I'll reserve a big table there. Please post an answer who will come so I can get the right amount reserved.
  2. What a great idea, Franz,

    I would come up to CMX only to meet the GTRiders.
    was looking for an excuse anyhow, but it´s too close to my departure to Europe, which you facilitated.

    Cheers to all of you !!
  3. Franz - A generous offer, hats off to you. I'll pollute the waters with you gents if I can change a planned ride. I'll let you know.

    Thanks again.
  4. Morning weather looking prime so off for a ride. Should be back Monday evening, if you're still around and bored give us a ring.

  5. Well "Happy Go Lucky" & I enjoyed ourselves dining out with Franz. You guys sure missed a good night out - excellent food 'n drink. What happened to you all?

    Thank you very much Franz. Meow & I enjoyed your company & hospitality immensely.
  6. i'm so sorry. Stay now in europe and can not come. Must wait until end of the year. Hope next time to participate.
  7. Franz,

    Sorry to have missed you this time but I was on a prior engagement that day with Bungy which involved a LOT of red wine. Therefore, I was in no state to attempt to ride/drive into town by the evening. I'd like to catch you on your next trip to CNX and if it ties in with my work rota, maybe do a daytrip or two together.


  8. Dear all, no problem at all, will do another one next time in CNX. Enjoyed David's and Meow's company very much, new location is also great. Justin, Mark & Pikey, hope to see u next time around. Cheers, Franz

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