Dinner in Sukhothai

Jan 12, 2003
Dinner in Sukhothai
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As most of us know, there always has to be a reason for a ride. It doesn't have to be much - such as the coffee is better at the place 100 miles away, or just warming up the oil before a change.

When a friend calls and says that she has a day off from work, that is as good a reason as any for a trip.

Left Chiang Mai on Tuesday morning, looking for the back roads heading south. Took 106 down through Lamphun. There is a tricky spot going through there - cross the canal and do a right/left turn. There are signs for the towns futher on, but no route numbers.

Road was pretty good, with little evidence of the previous weekend of heavy rain up here.

Came to the usual police checkpoint, and was actually waved over instead of through. Turned out to be a policeman who was not getting enough English practice and wanted a quick chat.

Made it through the twisty section and got to Thoen. I wanted to find 1048 down to Sawanhalok, but the B&B map is wrong there. Took 1124 up to Wang Chin - a bit out of the way, but who cares on a good riding day.

Finally got over to 101, and headed south to Sukhothai. Be warned that the road signs in this area are all in Thai - so you may get a geography lesson getting around.

Got to Sukhothai and found the friend. We went riding around looking for some of the local caves. Found them all, but the the dirt roads were washed out at the stream crossings. A TDM with street tires is not the way to go until they fix the washouts.

Spent a relaxing night in town, with good local food at the Piggy Pub. Headed back the next morning - the long way, of course. 101 up to Phrae, 103 and 1 up to Phayao.

Then a run on a great road - 120 over to Mae Khachan. Finished up on 118 back to Chiang Mai. There still is a 15-20 km strtch of bad road in there.

All in all, a good trip. About 4 1/2 hours riding each way - a lot slower than the direct highway, but a lot more fun. And all with the best of reasons for the ride.