Dinner New Years day.

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  1. Franz Eastern Seaboard is in town & wants to meet local Cnx GT Riders.
    He has suggested dinner at Euang Peung Janpah on Klong Cholprathan Road.
    When: Tuesday 1st Jan 2008.
    Time: 8pm.
    Please post here asap if you want to join to confirm nos. & book a table.
  2. It's brilliant Thai food Capt, but I'm sure you can rise to the occasion. Franz specifically asked for you to be invited & come. So make sure you do - it will be worth it.

    The location.
    Go west on Huay Kaew to the canal road Klong Chonprathan & the Phu Come hotel intersection.
    Turn left & head south down the canal road.
    Go 880 metres from Huay Kaew, & Euang Peung Jan Pah is on the left, right on the corner of Nimmamhaemin Soi 6. (Soi 6 goes through to Warm Up.)
    No sign in English, but you wont miss it, a big open air pub & restaurant, right on the corner.

    We've got a table for 12 booked & I've got 14 "confirmed" already.
    Mark & Dtai
    Dave & Tim
    Ian & Long
    David Lek
    Tim MV Agusta Rider from Singapore
    Robert Heikel
    David Unk & Meow
    Rhodie & Richard?
    So it looks like we need to "upgrade" already.
    Anyone else?
  3. Hi David
    Delighted to join you, not sure if its 1 or 2 though.
  4. Had a great time. Always good to get together with friends. Thanks Franz for you generosity. Nice to see you again and have a little chat. Hopefully we can get together again soon. :D
  5. Franz
    Many thanks for the great night out.
    I hope you enjoyed yourself meeting the local GT Riders, as I think they all enjoyed themselves & your generosity.
  6. Dear All, first of all, I must apologise for being "quiet" for so long, had had some serious troubles on my job but didn't tell anyone that my relation was going bust at the same time, so I tried to avoid any PC and internet for these 2 weeks. I thank you all for coming, next time I will organise in a better way, didn't tell at last that everyone must order by/for himself, next time I will do in another restaurant where a buffet should do the trick. It was a pleasure to meet everybody of you !!!!! Sorry Colin that I didn't make it on the X'mas run but I will try to do another one at Songkran. I hope that all of you got back in one piece, it didn't last that long, some of us still lowering the alcohol levels, while me trying to keep it up......Now it's back to work, yuk, and mails coming in by the hundreds.....Thanks once more & see you soon again, Franz

    One more thing, DAVID many many Thanks for making reservations & helping to get us all together !!!!!!!!!
  7. Franz,

    A belated thanks from me, Kat and the nipper for your generosity and indeed, it was a fine night.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles and I hope you overcome them quickly. If it all gets a bit intense, don't fret, just run out the door and jump on the bike for a few hours :wink:

    Hope to see you again soon.


  8. Hi Pikey & Colin, got it sorted already, first my second half went out the door in an instant, then I followed on the bike for a small weekend run.
    Was a pleasure in meeting you, will be in CNX next time from 21. to 24.02., see you then !! B.rgds, Franz
  9. Franz
    Richard & I enjoyed meeting you and getting together with everyone again.
    I will post pix of the evenining in the next few days.
    I was unaware we were guests and left a note with the Guv'nor chipping in for our share.
    Sorrry to hear of your tribulations - you wore it lightly on the night.
    Do ge in touch when you are in BKK.
  10. John & Richard, seeing forward to meeting you in Bangkok soon, Richard you really have an amazing dad who supports you in each and every activity !!
    Happy Feet, next invitation coming up either in February or in March, see you then !! Rgds, FR
  11. FranzCptSlashLR.
    Captain Slash & Franz

    Mark Rossi & Dai with webmeister Ben

    David, Pikey & David

    Tim who rode his MV Augusta up from Singers with Tim who rides an equally exotically well tricked-out CB1300

    GTR Ladies - Thim & Kat

    David, Robert & Ian

    Capt Slash, Franz & Richard

    Ian & The Guv'nor

    Miss Meow & Khun Long

    David & The Boss + the keys
    there may be a story here.... ?

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